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To understand the question, what is BlogSpot we must first understand what is a blog. A blog is like an online personal diary which you can use to write experiences and day to day stuff. It stores electronically with minimal chance of being abused or stolen. A blog can be private or personal. It means that you can allow everybody to read and comment on your blog, or you can be discrete about it and keep it to your family and friends. So in simple words blogs are a collection of your own thoughts.

What is Often people consider bloggers and as the same but there is a difference. is a domain service provider which is for free. The basic idea behind the is to allow and encourage the bloggers to write blogs. This brings revenue for the As more people write at the visitors increase. The increase in visitors makes sure that the companies place more and more ads on This is the basic working model of The stickiness on the page is also a factor. The longer the user stays on the page the more likely he is to notice the advertisement. So the companies also check the stickiness of every website they want to give their advertisements on.

Why is it helpful for us? is an ideal platform for anybody who wants to write. It is a place where any person can upload his writing and see if his or her work is good enough and whether he or she has the potential to write in the long run. can make or break ones morale. It can help a normal person become a writer. If a person can get the right response to their blog, then they will have the inner urge to write more and get appreciated. There is no better feeling then getting appreciated. I mean who does not like being appreciated for their work? It helps us in building confidence and getting the power to do better work. Often people lack the commitment as they feel neglected.

Who owns BlogSpot? is owned by one of the largest internet based companies “Google”. Today Google is one of the most fast growing companies. The search engine of Google is like the world’s top viewed page. The transformation of Google has been nothing short of extra ordinary. It has become part and parcel of our daily life. Without Google it will be impossible to do our daily work.


BlogSpot has to be used with blogger but blogger can run without BlogSpot. It is simple. Both these services are designed to help the user. Its inception is done to enhance the usage capability for the user. Bloggers and BlogSpot are tools to publish articles. Both are free domains. Hence one does not have to pay money to publish his or her work. This is the most important factor. Money is always a big deciding factor. Hence free publishing is the unique selling proposition of BlogSpot and blogger.

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