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How To Make Money From Blogging


Today the trend of establishing your own personal blog is on the rise. Today people use blogging as a route to establish their own business; it is a very inexpensive method to start your own business. Through blogging you can build a loyal following in the digital world which will impact the real world and create loyal customers. The most important part of earning money through blogging is by monetizing your blog. Once you do that you will continue to earn money even when you are not updating your blog.

Step 1

There are a number of sites that help you start your blogging like Wordpress and Blogger, these are free sites. If you want to really make money from blogging then you should have a complete control over your blog.  This is something that these free sites do not give. The best way to make your blogging fruitful is to get your own domain name and then start blogging on your blog.

Step 2

The free sites have some restrictions regarding the advertisements that you can place in the blog. The cost of buying your own domain can be as low as 20$ a year, which is a lot less considering the benefits you can gain in the form of your own freedom.

Step 3

Another major thing that is required for blogging is to have a layout and a theme for your blog. The most suitable one would be the one that is relevant to the topic that we have decided for the blog. Blogging about random things will never get you a readership, you have to be passionate about the thing you are writing about, and only then will people come back to your blog.

Step 4

The best way to earn moneythrough blogging is to rent your space to someone who is wishing to sell his stuff, this way you get to earn quite a lot of money. Once you have established yourself as blogger all you have to do is get traffic on your blog. Once you manage to do it you will be earning money every time someone clicks on the ad placed.

Step 5

There are even a number of services that are offered by Google that will help you get ads for your blog. You can also establish affiliations by simply mentioning the product sold by the Affiliate program and you will earn money every time the reader further probes into the details.


A very good method to increase the traffic on your blog is to have interesting articles placed on your blogs. You can market your blog without facing any costs through social media. Social Media is a very cheap method through which you can promote your blog and establish a rapport with your customers.

Sources and Citations

You can also market your own services through your own blog, this way you can earn extra income through getting extra clients. Blogging is one way through which you can earn quite a lot of money through marketing your own products and as well as marketing others' products and establishing affiliates with other known companies who have been established for a long time.

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