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Top Tips For Success With Your Google Blog


Blogging is a great way to show off your writing talents, share your life and thoughts with others or give information about your business. Google Blog offers many useful features that will enhance your blog and make it successful. There are many ways you can experience success with your Google Blog.

Step 1

Having a successful Google Blog is pretty simple if you manage it properly. Part of managing the blog is to make sure you manage the preferences for search engine optimization. This will help your blog get more traffic so the intended audience will be able to view it. The options for search engine optimization can be found under settings and search sections of Google Blog.

Step 2

If you have the desire to make money with your blog, you may want to consider adding Google AdSense to your blog. AdSense is an advertising program that is targeted to the appropriate audience. Google AdSense is free and you can earn revenue from your blog by displaying the ads.

Step 3

Once you get your Google Blog up and running you want to make sure you submit your blog’s URL to the search engine directories. Submitting the URL to as many directories as possible will enable you to get more traffic to the blog. You should also build links by adding your URL to your emails and anywhere you communicate online.


Step 4

Another great way to have success with your Google Blog is to update your content often. Do frequent updates and add content as often as you can. When updating content, make sure you make your topics interesting so your viewers will have a reason to return to your blog. If it’s boring and updates are never made, it’s unlikely that you will get repeat visitors.

Step 5

There are many things you can do in order to have a successful Google Blog. There are a variety of ways to get exposure. You also want as many visits to your blog as you can get. A great way to do this is to post your blog on social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, or StumbleUpon. You can post status updates when you add new content or images. When doing this, it will make people want to visit your blog to see what you have done.

Step 6

When creating your Google Blog, you want to encourage visitors to interact. You can ask them for feedback related to a certain article or post you have written. Welcome visitors to participate in your blog and build your own little community. In general, most people love to interact and if you welcome them to do so, they will most likely return to see what other updates, comments or content has been added to your blog.

Step 7

Use the resources that will allow you to track your visitors. Analytics are something you need to keep an eye on. When you find out how people are finding your blog it will enable you to cater to your blog posts in a way that will attract your readers. Tracking will give you a general idea of your overall blog statistics so you can think of ways to improve your Google Blog.


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of creating and maintaining any Google Blog.

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