How To Broadcast My Blog
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How To Broadcast My Blog

Published at 03/27/2012 22:38:32


How To Broadcast My Blog

Blogs are the recent ways of forwarding your information and details to the people there on the internet. Blogs have even become a popular way of following people we admire or respect. In order to reach out to the readers, broadcasting is the best way. Even my blog is a very popular blog hosting website, where people can register their accounts and start blogging. Nowadays, my blog has even allowed people to broadcast. This allows people who have registered with my blog to reach out to the millions of people worldwide without any extra effort.

Step 1

1. Blog broadcast in case of my blog or in case of any other blog post is used to reach out to the millions of people worldwide. Blog broadcast in all cases are dependent on the RSS feed and subscribe technology. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this RSS, if you do not wish your readers to bookmark your blog and check for updates every day. This can be frustrating for them. Hence, you can integrate a blog broadcast and use it to automatically post your updates directly to the inbox of the subscribed people.

Step 2

2. When you open an account in my blog, the first time you open your account you see a menu bar on the top. In this menu bar there are various menu items like “Home”, “My Lists”, “Messages”, “Subscribers”, “Web Forms”, and “Reports” etc… You need to select the “Messages” menu. There will be a list of drop down items like “Follow up”, “Broadcast” and “Blog Broadcast”. Select the sub menu “Blog Broadcast”.

Step 3

3. A box pops up when you follow the above steps in my blog. You need to enter the RSS URL or XML URL for the broadcast here. If you are not sure about where to get a RSS feed URL then you can use other company websites in registering one. It is easy and can be searched on the internet. Generally, a RSS feed URL will look like’sBlog. For example Feeds burner here is an organization which can give you the necessary RSS URL for broadcast.

Step 4

4. Then you need to write a new blog in my blog using a specific template. This is because this broadcast actually converts the message in a template into the RSS feed and updates it to your subscribed readers. After you select the template, click on “Load Template” button. The template will be loaded. Next you will need to set the time when the blog you posted on my blog will be scheduled for broadcast.

Step 5

5. For this you will you can select a specific time of a specific day of every month. You will be able to edit this date later on if required. After you have chosen the date you will need to select “Messages” from menu again. Click on “Broadcast”. The list of the subscribers that you have will automatically get all the updates that you have made, or will do on the time and day you have selected.


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additional tips

Blogs are the best way to share your views and thoughts with others.