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How To Make a Blog Post


Building a blog is one thing, but creating a successful blog with lots of loyal or returning traffic is another. This article will go into the details of writing quality blog posts, to help your blog thrive and grow.

Step 1

Write decent content for your blog post.

All over the web you'll hear (or read) the words "Content is King". This is a true statement. Content is the most important part of the blog post, because it's what causes the reader to return, and come in the first place. You might have tons of knowledge in the topic you chose to write about, but if you're not able to organize that knowledge into a readable and visibly appealing way, you're readers are going to stop reading. You're wasting your time if your readers can't understand what you're writing about.

Step 2

Find a Search Engine friendly title for your blog post.

Sometimes coming up with the right title can be a struggle. You have to figure out how it suits your content, how it will rank in search engines, and if it will catch the attention of your readers. The key to creating a good title for your blog post is to duplicate the style that you're blog post is written in. Also, figure out what readers are commonly searching for, and how it relates to your blog post.

Step 3

Have an introduction for your blog post.

Not everybody reads the introduction, but that doesn't mean that they aren't important. Introduction's are used to outline what is included in the content, and why you included those things. It will also tell the readers how the content should benefit them, and why they should read on. Essentially, you should work to capture the readers interest in the introduction, and captivate them enough that they will decide to read on.

Step 4

Try to make your blog post the best it can be.

There are quite a few blogs on the Internet that don't provide a quality experience. Your job is to make sure that your blog isn't one of those. If you don't try and produce the best blog that you possibly can, then there's no reason for readers to visit, and continue to visit, your blog. When you research the niche topic for your blog, read some of what the competition has. It may sound mean, but you have to try and make sure that your content is better then theirs. Otherwise, how will you be sure that the visitors won't go to their blog instead?

Step 5

Include Headings and Line Breaks in your blog post.

Headings and Line Breaks make your posts more readable. Headings make content stand out, and helps your blog post to rank better in the Search Engine's. Also, Internet readers are in a hurry. If your blog post isn't easy to scan, they may not stick around. Break your blog posts into easy to read sections. Add headings, bullet points, and even lists. Make your readers stay around long enough to actually read what you have to say.


1. Use images in your blog post. Images attract the eye, and helps readers stick around longer.

2. Consider adding links to your blog, with relevant content.

3. Consider monetizing your blog, with ads and more!


It can be hard to write a successful blog post, but follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way!

By Savanna Lujan, published at 03/28/2012
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