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Blog is in fact small for web log and next it was called as "weblog" by Jorn Barger in 1997. It was almost in 1999 that the word "blog" get its fame as together a noun and verb by Peter Merholz who bust "weblog" into we blog at his blog.

Then blog practice extend like wildfire initial 1999 and with the development of tools obtainable to the large and less technical community, the blogging society escalates to a huge number. This is exposed by Technocratic (blog search engine), which was having more than 106 million blogs waiting September 2007.

This article focuses on a site called It offers free blogging services.


A lot of blogs go halves a frequent purpose as a textual private online journal where you could post on a continuing basis. Then your visitors can interpret your post and they can remark on the posts or yet email to you. (what’s your story?) offers a lot more new and distinct features.


The site offers many features. Some of them are listed below:

THE BEST DOMAIN:, Create your blog at the most excellent probable Internet property. You’ll find an address that looks similar to It’s the near equal of your possess island in Dubai, house in Monte Carlo or a Manhattan flat overlooking Central Park.

Multi-author blogs: Acquire the aid of friends or people with common welfare. allows you to select your team of writers, all able of publishing entries, reviewing remarks and a lot of extra. Put up your hold online publication. Here, with us.

Smashing beautiful themes: within, you’ll discover specially selected themes formed to fit your blog personality similar to your own design suit. Never be uninteresting. Your blog will be exclusive. And altering its appearance is a pair of clicks far.

Multimedia support: Would like to distribute your photos or display case a gallery? Videos you’ve created online. Music you’ve prepared. Don’t be anxious, we stake far above the ground and wrap it all.

Privacy: Distribute your posts with the world or presently stay it all to yourself. Keep away from annoyed ex-wives, chirping toms and unwanted stalkers. Password protects your blog or posts and slab search engines. Your secrets will be fine reserved.

Help & Support: You inquire, we inform. New or old, we have an enthusiastic hold Team eager to aid you at all the time. You could as well add up with an ongoing knowledgebase where you could become skilled at how to find the good number out of your blog.

Search engine friendly: Put your blog on the peak spaces with our SEO (Search engine optimization) system. It will robotically create Meta in sequence concerning your blog satisfied that search engines will employ to catalog it. Run off the tough job with us and your blog will be as stuck as the New York subway on hurry hour.

Widgets and menus: Administer all of your blog area. Decide the stuff for your blog’s direction-finding and illustrate your glimmer photos, your appetizing links and your newest tweets. Your readers will never be desperate to depart your

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