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How To Make a Blog Interesting


There are many ways to make your blog attractive. There are many methods that make blog interesting-- selection of the right method depends on the niche, targeted audience, age group, literacy, content and many other things. However, in brief, a short list will tell you, people read your blogs because they want to read you as a writer (unless you are a celebrity), they never want to learn anything about you. It is a writer- reader relationship. To make your writing attractive and interesting select an area or niche to blog that you are really passionate about and inspires you to write.

Never try to sell your idea or opinion forcefully. Try to express your opinion in a casual way, give the reader space to think and judge, never try to impose your verdict on others. Try to tell something in a “never before way” so that reader never lose their interest in the middle. Readers prefer unexpected ends, if you once satisfy their appetites, they will reread your blog, keep reading whatever you say and will recommend others to read.

In every half a second a new blog is created somewhere in the world.

Step 1

Here is a guideline how to make blog interesting:
Stay Relevant: Stay away from personal or family matters, if your blog is otherwise. Never add items of your daily routine, like, what you had in breakfast, how much money you spent on buying vegetables, etc, unless you are a big star.

Step 2

Know your audience: You must know who are reading your blog, use Google Guest Map. What is appealing to them, why they read your blog, what they like and dislike of your blog, etc.

Never apologize too much for your absence: This will make your readers think that you believe they wait eagerly for your blog and they missed a lot when you were not around. This way you put unnecessary price on yourself.

Step 3

Stay away from all political conclusions: Even if you are an expert in this field, you can never satisfy every reader with your own view. Rather you may distract a portion of your readers with their own personal opinions.

To make blog interesting, be brief, never exaggerate and be sincere and particular. Think before you write. Styles of writing make blog interesting. Some time the content is less important than the manner you word your sayings.

Step 4

Pay attention to spell check and formatting.
Keep options for comment. A blog without comment is like a phone without earpiece, people love to interact.
Decide a simple consistent URL for your blog.

Step 5

There are few other ways to make blog interesting. You can add controversy into your writing, however, you must make sure you are not sounding blatantly ignorant and annoying your readers. By applying the same rule, give unexpected advice with insight, common obvious advices are generally helpful but there are plenty over the internet, think something extraordinary. Give some new information that your reader never had before. Speak like a real human being.


Never spam links, it destroys your reputation.
Learn from others.
Submit your site to search engines.

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