How To Drive Traffic To My Blog
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How To Drive Traffic To My Blog

Published at 04/06/2012 18:25:01


How To Drive Traffic To My Blog

Blog is a great way to share ideas and experience. There are many website which helps in creating a blog. To make a blog famous it must be visited by user on a regular basis. No one has a magic formula with which a blog can overnight become famous. It is achieved through planning, analysis and hard work. Many Search Engine Optimization Company assures guarantees traffic generation after charging you small amount of money. It is not mandatory at all, by applying simple few rules my blog can achieve popularity as well as the required amount of traffic. Below are few methods which help my blog to get traffic.

Step 1

The first rule to apply in my blog is to market it properly. To do this, tell your friend about my blog and what it is all about. Word of mouth is also very helpful to popularize my blog. Since, it is free of cost you can tell everybody about the blog and miss no chance in doing so. Try to contain in your blog as much information as possible. If there is a provision to link the current keywords to any of your old blogs do that. Linking your work shows the knowledge of that particular blogger. Nowadays, social media is very famous to make the full use of it, market the blog on these social networking sites.

Step 2

The blog shouldn’t be filled with rubbish topic. A blog is generally used to help other people and clarify any confusion. Try your level best not to make the blog complicated and tough to understand. If the topic of my blog is good enough it is good sign that the visitor will come for more. Try to frame sentences which are easy and understand, with a proper heading. Regular update of the blog demonstrates your commitment towards the blog.

Step 3

If users want to find my blog they generally use search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. So what is implied here is to submit the blog to different search engines so that if a user want to search for a particular topic, and your blog covers that topics then there is chance that your blog will be shown in the result page. To achieve this you must submit the blog. Google uses the crawling mechanism to got through my blog and include it in there results.

Step 4

Commenting also helps my blog tremendously. Regular commenting can be good for the popularity of the blog. Make sure that you clarify the user problem as fast as possible. This helps in building a good and lasting relationship with the user. You must never take user for granted as if they feel that the quality of the blog is dropping they will start to find alternative which, will be huge loss for your blog.

Step 5

Optimization of my blog is the most important step. Use of the appropriate keywords which will help in increasing the traffic should be used.


Try not to use these keywords heavily as it can have a negative impact on the blog.

additional tips

You can also include images and graphics to make the blog look more cool and pretty.