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Advantages Of Using Email Over Snail Mail

Snail Mail Is Outdated!

In a world where communication is key, snail mail has become an obsolete thing of the past. Today's people want quick communication options in both their personal lives and their businesses. If we had to wait on the slow snail mail process, we would not be near as productive in our work. Snail mail takes a day or so to even longer, depending on where you are mailing to. This can be too long of a wait, especially when you need a quick reply or need to get information to someone quickly. Imagine if you had to mail your friend through snail mail to setup a date. It would take weeks to get to plan the event, when a simple email mail could be sent and replied to in minutes. Technology surely has come a long way since we began the letter writing process. Today's society is impatient and want quick responses and low wait times and that is what emailing offers.

Why Email Is Important

Email mail can be an important part of both business and pleasure. Email keeps us connected to others that live far away without having to rely on the slow and outdated snail mail. We can now instantly send a letter to family and friends who live across the world or in our own town. The ability to instantly send information is vital in business. Without email mail, a business would not be conducted as smoothly or as quickly. It is a great thing that technology has come so far so that we do not have to wait on snail mail. Not only is email a time saver, but it is also a natural resource saver! How many trees are we now saving because we choose to use email rather than mail letters on paper? The effects of this can be felt worldwide as we all do our part to save the environmental resources.

How to Use Email Effectively

Using email to stay in touch with friends and loved ones can be vital in today's busy lifestyles for people to stay in touch with one another. We are all so busy and most people do not take the time to send cards or letters anymore. Some might say that this is a bad thing, but technology has helped us in many ways in the form of communication. Most of us now stay in better contact with our friends and family through email and it brings friends and family closer together even if they are miles and miles apart. Email also helps in long distance relationships by allowing for both people to have another way to communicate.

Embrace Technology!

Email mail is easy to use and fast. It's just like writing a hand written letter, but you have the aid of technology and the speed of the Internet on your side. An email mail can be sent quickly and received instantly all across the world. You can also use email mail to send letters to multiple people at the same time. This can be very effective and time saving! Imagine having to send ten different letters to ten different people, it would take quite some time. Being able to send an email to all of those recipients makes this a much quicker process and you can actually enjoy the writing process and not find it to be a chore!

By David Scott, published at 03/02/2012
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