How To List a Contact Email And Fax in a Resume
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How To List a Contact Email And Fax in a Resume

Published at 02/29/2012 19:24:54


How To List a Contact Email And Fax in a Resume

Resume is the single most important document you need to draw up if you intend to get a decent job anywhere. The function of a resume is to list down all your specifics on a piece of paper for an employer to evaluate. The main specifics you put down are your contact details such as name, email fax. Resumes also include your qualifications, your achievements, work history and for some companies hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Most people don’t even get an interview call because of the way they represent or format their resume. The worst thing you could do is not represent your contact details properly, information such as email fax. Resumes must be error free if you intend to get the job you’re applying for. Here are some tips and steps for you to properly list all your contact information on a resume.

Step 1

The very first detail or heading of your resume must always be your name. Even the heading Resume or CV is not acceptable. This is strictly enforced these days because of the way companies have started using their computers to sort resumes. They use an automatic sorter to sort the resume so if your first phrase or heading of the CV is not your name and instead a head line of the job title like sales representative or the Resume, the application may file you under Mr.\Ms. Resume or Mr. Representative. Simply bold your name and format it as your heading, preferably at the top center of the page along with all the other contact info coming up like telephone address email fax. Resumes are not easy documents to produce.

Step 2

Next you need to list your contact details right under your name. The font of these details should be slightly smaller so as to highlight the emphasis on the name. Here the details should be of your mailing address. You should include the entire address with the street name , house unit number, country, city, state, and zip code. Most companies don’t need you to give them the street name. They prefer a postal code or a post box office. Otherwise companies just rather contact you through telephone email, fax. Resumes contain all these details and they are much faster means of communication. Also if you have more than one home, then, always remember to specify current and permanent address.

Step 3

Next you need to list a valid telephone number. Under the address line include all of the numbers: personal cell number, home phone number and fax number if you have one. Remember to specify before each number what they are, like cell, home landline or just contact number. Also include the country and area code. Details such as email fax in your resume must also be added. You never know if the resume is being forwarded outside your residential area.

Step 4

Moreover, you need to give in your e-mail address. This is probably the contact info they’ll use to get in touch with you so make sure you write in the correct e-mail address. It’s not always professional and mature to give in your e-mail you made back when you were ten years old. Always have a simple and mature e-mail address. If you don’t have one now you can simply make one and forward all your e-mails from the previous account to the new one.

Step 5

The email is usually the last thing that you write and the fax is mentioned along with the numbers that you are giving. Although all these things are written together, the order of email, fax, etc in a resume is also very important.


How To List a Contact Email And Fax in a Resume

Remember that the contact details format is center aligned with name in the largest font and the rest the same. Bold the contact info and make sure it’s on top of the page with the name having the biggest font and the rest smaller, like that of email fax. Resumes are very important as they give out the first impression of the person, too much styling and designing will only lower your chances. You can also email or fax your resume if the company has given such an option which makes it much more convenient than posting it or personally handing it in.

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