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Know About the Free Email To Fax Phone Service Using Tpc

Published at 03/01/2012 20:16:37


TPC is an Internet non-profit-making organization that runs free email to fax services. TPC relies on volunteer fax server maintained from the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom and Germany. The TPC services are available to the local areas of the above mentioned countries.

The main purpose of the subdomain is to provide clear mappings among the users of the general purpose computers on the Internet and the special purpose dives that are connected to the telephone network directly. There are other fax phone email service providers that charge for their services but it is always upon an person to chose the fax phone email service provider he/she wants to work with.

The following is the procedure of sending a fax phone email using Tpc:

  • Create the email message.
  • Use the address:, replace the variables in bold with the real names and phone number of the person you are sending the fax phone email to. But, the punctuation should remain the way they are.
  • The phone number should be a continuous string of numbers which must include the 1 and the area code even if the fax phone email is being sent within the same town.
  • The Tpc service automatically sends you an email that states the fax phone email status. That is, whether it was successful or not.

In the world today, fax phone email plays a very central role in Internet based communication. People are also understanding and embracing the use of fax phone email services. This is because of the following reasons.

  • There is no longer need to use the faxing machine. This eliminates the purchase and maintenance expenses that are associated with the use of faxing machines like the ink, toner and paper.
  • For people who use the traditional faxing machine, there is a porting service that enables them to switch to online fax phone email service without losing their original fax number.
  • It is possible to receive fax through your phone in form of text messages. This makes online fax phone email very reliable.
  • Fax phone email allows blockage of junk and uncalled for messages unlike in the old faxing system.


Fax phone email is the most effective, efficient, fast and economical way to send and receive fax in present day. It very useful especially to businesses no matter how big or small they are since they are designed to cater for the communication needs of each and every one.

However, it is important to note that, free fax phone email services do not keep a log or store the fax phone emails that an person sends. Therefore, it may be very difficult or even impossible to retrieve a fax phone email that you might need to confirm some important information. If an person stores or uses fax phone email to send important information, it would be wise to a low cost service that will store your information.

However, there has been complaints form people that TPC fax phone email service are unreliable and insecure. This might be true since it is a free service provider that depends on volunteers.