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How To Send a Fax Through Email Or Over the Phone


In the past, there were not many options available when you needed to send a fax. Normally when people want to send a fax to someone and they want to send an original paper document which they have to scan and send, they have an electronic document, like a PDF, a MS Word Document, or some document on their PDA or Cell Phone. Fax without a fax machine was not possible but now things have changed so much. You can send phone email fax using cell phone and computers etc. When fax is send via email as attachments then it is called eFax. It is widely used these days.

Step 1

First a real fax number is given to customer which can be local or toll free. You can go to all your incoming faxes to up to 5 different emails addresses.

RECEIVING a fax is easy. When a person sends you a phone email fax, the fax is converted to a file that is emailed to you as an attachment. Open it. You can check your faxes from anywhere you have access to your email.

To SEND a fax, you attach a file or a scanned hard copy to your email. Instead of dialing the fax number and trying to install paper into a fax machine, you address the email to the recipient's fax number like this:, then send it.

Step 2

You can also receive and send phone email fax right from your PDA, Smartphone, or Blackberry. eFax gives you a fax number that delivers faxes as TIF or PDF email attachments.

Step 3

Send Fax from the Web When first cell phones were introduced, it used analog voice signals instead of cellular networks. Then text messages were introduced which were used instead of calls. Sending fax was already y a feature.

Step 4

Here are some of the features from which you can send and receive fax messages in your cell phone.

If the document is a hard copy, take a picture of these documents using your cell phone. Create an account and you can keep it in that account in a file. Open your email and attach the picture of the document or the document file as an email attachment. Send the email following the directions specified by your online fax service provider. Using your cell phone as a fax machine is a very recent development. A lot of companies and businesses have even made the shift from using traditional fax messages to online fax.

Step 5

While sending and receiving online fax messages you should notice while using mobile devices are not limited to cell phones only. One thing is certain that, with the increase in the use of mobile phones as fax messages, more and more work places can go mobile and get connected through online fax. It is productivity on the go.


There are many people who promotes the benefit of using internet fax. By using internet faxing, the work is less wasteful where as hard copies are not good ideas in sending fax through the internet.


The use of phone email fax is increasing day b day and it is important that we know how to use this technology. It is fast, cheap and saves lot of time.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/08/2012
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