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Tel fax email is an abbreviation used for telephone, facsimile and electronic mail. We all are well aware of what these are, because today these three are the major means of communication. We call people, who are near us and also the ones that are far or in another country, through a telephone, and receive and send different messages via fax and email. These technological advances have made our lives a lot easier, because in the past, communicating with someone used to be very difficult and time consuming. One had to post a message or letter to someone and received a reply after days and even weeks or months. However, thanks to the wonders of science, we now have access to Tel Fax Email that facilitates us in every possible way that is related to easy electronic communication.


Email is a relatively newer concept that was introduced in 1965 in the United States. Although the concept of email seems very old now, it is still being improved day by day and is being made more efficient. As compared to Email, telephone is a relatively older concept which was introduced in 1876. It was invented by Graham Bell when he saw waves travelling in the water. Whereas when we talk about fax, it is the oldest among these three, which was introduced in 1846. All these three kinds of Tel Fax Email inventions are very old but have improved with the passage of time. They have become more advanced and efficient and serve us in every possible way.


When we say that these devices and facilities are serving us, then one thing that must be kept in mind is that they are be full of features. Email allows us to send messages, pictures and videos etc on the internet. Now, unlike before, we can easily transfer huge amounts of data from one computer to another and to distant places in a second. We owe all this to Email. Telephone, on the other hand, allows us to talk to our friends, relatives and people all over the world, and for that, all we have to do is dial a number. In the past, there was excessive use of fax machines that helped people send bills, phone numbers and addresses etc to other people. All this is easy to say but if we look at these devices practically, they have really changed our lives and provided us with comfort. In no way the value of Tel Fax Email can be ignored, because each and every individual all over the world is benefitting from it.

Tips and comments

Tel Fax Email has its advantages but also some disadvantages. They need to be handled with care and also need to be given the value that they deserve. We are the ones who use them and we are the ones who benefit from them, so it is our responsibility to handle them carefully and take them to a better level by working in different departments and making them more efficient.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/04/2012
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