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How To Get Phone Voice Mail Messages in Email

Published at 03/02/2012 02:26:39


Do you keep forgetting your cellphone at home? Are you tired of your friends complaining about you not replying in time and missing the most important ordeals in their lives? Wish you had a more convenient way of getting the messages even if you didn't have your phone in your hands?

Well, in these times you can email phone messages to yourself and stay in touch with the world instead of cursing yourself for having forgotten your phone. Being able to email phone voicemails to your inbox will help you multitask. While you are out working on a project on your laptop, you can switch on the voicemails in the email and listen to what people have to say to you. Yes, you can listen to voicemails instead of songs while working.

Step 1

Get Youmail and start receiving the messages you get on your phone in your emails. This will enable you to get hold of your messages even when you are working on your laptops and do not wish to attend calls or do not wish to waste time listening to voice mails separately. This feature can be availed by referring to your service providers. You can ask Cingular, Verizon, ATand.T and all the other services that you use, to help you email phone voicemails to your inbox to aid your convenience.

Step 2

You can also get the email phone messages and keep them saved in your mailbox. So next time you wish to keep a record of what someone said to you, or if you want to keep listening to someone, you don't need to worry about the voicemail having been deleted from your phone memory. This will essentially provide a complete backup for your voicemails and you can retrieve data very easily.

Step 3

You can download the service very easily on your computers. The best method would be to look for something that does not cost you a lot or doesn't cost you anything at all. There are some sites that allow you to keep a certain amount of money deposited and then use them for receiving calls at minimal costs. You can use the VoIP service for this matter and can use the number from your computer. This service will enable you to receive your email phone messages in an easy way.

Step 4

Moreover, you need to know how to save the file of the voicemail once it is received. You need to ensure that you have software that is compatible with the sound systems and allows you to save the message that you have received. The email phone messages received will be heard more easily if you have an appropriate sound compatibility.

Step 5

Additionally, you can search for how to send voicemails in emails and then use this service to attach your voicemails or receive voicemails in archive form. A little knowledge of archive and zip files will accelerate the email phone messages procedure.


If you get the right service and perform the right procedures, you can make your life more comfortable and less worrisome through email phone voicemails.


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