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Setting Up the Email on Your Webpage

Setting Up the Email on Your Webpage

Are you creating your own web page on your own website or your own website service, such as Yahoo!, Go Daddy, and another site? Is your website a main domain name, such as a .com, .net, or an .org domain and you need to set up the email account? Well, listen to this guide.

Setting up an Email Online

The method in establishing your email address is easy to do if you are creating a website. Certain websites have features where you are checking your email from an online website service. The website service is probably configured as You can check your email online. The mail server can have messages stored on the web, such as being an IMPAP server. This is similar to Google’s mail server on how their IMAP server is handled. Or, the web server can be a POP mail server (POP means post office protocol). You can incorporate the settings of your online mailbox into your favorite e-mail client, if your mail server allows you to, as well as your favorite mobile phone electronic mail application (smart phones, such as iPhone or Android) so that you can check your email on the go. Here are the instructions that you need to know.

Email Account on Window

If you are on a Windows computer or have Microsoft Office set up, you can establish an account. In order to establish a proper account on Microsoft Outlook, you must have the proper extensions set up on your web server. Ask the site administrator of the company or web site service if they support extensions for external mail. Now, the extension set up for receiving mail externally may cost per account or be a one-time fee for extension support. It just depends on the website service that you are planning on or are currently using. Now, with the Microsoft Outlook client, open up Microsoft Outlook.

How to use Microsoft Outlook

If you haven’t used Microsoft Outlook before, a start up screen will pop-up, asking you to set up your Inbox. The next dialog box will ask you if you would like to configure an electronic mail account, and gives you two selections, “Yes” or “No.” Choose yes if you want to establish your electronic mail account and know details such as your username ( and your password. You will also need to know the SMTP and POP port numbers, but that will be needed later in the setup. Put in the information that the wizard calls for, such as your username, password, and personal name. Afterwards, the wizard searches for settings in order to establish the email account. When that process is complete, your account is established. Soon, messages will be downloaded from your mail server to your e-mail inbox. If you have POP mail set up, make sure that the mail stays on the server by not having the electronic mail client delete the messages off of the server. You can change this in your preferences in your electronic mail client. And, if you want to create web mail instead of text electronic mail, you can do so by modifying your preferences.

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