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How To Receive the Email From Phone


Feel you are isolated from your work when moving about? Think work is part of your having fun and you need to carry around your mailbox even when hanging around with friends so that you can be up to date with your work? Find pride in the fact that your friends call you a workaholic? Well them you need to bring to your phone email that you receive! This will enable you to achieve all the objectives that you’ve been craving for, and will give you information that is available 24/7 on your phone email.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to ensure whether your service providers give you the service of receiving emails on your cell phones. This is largely centered on the operating systems of the cell phones. An example of this operating service is the Symbian for Nokia and the Android for the T mobile users. Similarly, Apple has its own tailor made operating system and then there are cell phones from Microsoft that are compatible with the entire Microsoft software. You will have to configure your cell phone for receiving emails. Hence a key point in your phone email is the existence and enabling of the operating system of your cell phone to begin receiving emails.

Step 2

Secondly, you have to make sure that the internet is activated on your cell phone. If you do not have an internet facility or a Wifi enablement, you will not be able to access phone email even if it is supported by your service provider. The internet service is either already existent in your phones or will have to be activated by calling the service provider.

Step 3

Moreover, you can use a new service called the Teleflip. This will give you a chance to receive phone emails or to access emails on your phone if you have difficulty in getting emails from some other way. So even if you don’t own a blackberry and cannot access your mails from the computer, the teleflip on your cell phone will help you reach out to your mails when you are away from home.

Step 4

Additionally, teleflip gives you the right to choose the people you would want to receive emails from. This phone email service is free but you will just have to pay the costs for the information that you receive via text messages.

Step 5

Also, you can use services like the Consilient Push. This service allows you to receive text messages every time you get an email. This will then allow you to check your emails either on your cell phone or maybe on the computer. You can download this application on the phone so as to enable yourself to read phone email. A kind of similar service is also provided by Emoze. An added feature of the Emoze is that you can set up your appointments and a detailed calendar.


Henceforth, now keeping in touch with the world out there is not a problem. Forget the miseries that you would not be able to get back to your boss in time, because you have phone email now! The good news is that it is not available for just the elite class blackberry users, but is also made available to the other group of customers through a range of other services that give phone email services.

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