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How To Receive a Fax in An Email

How to receive a fax in an email


Fax services having in existence for many decades. In the ancient times, people used the fax machine to send fax messages. This method was expensive in terms of usage and maintenance since it used things like ink, toners and papers. With time, the Internet faxing was introduced. It involves sending fax messages and documents to email using the internet services. This has eliminated the use of the fax machine totally. Using the fax to email services has the following advantages;

  • No hardware or software is required
  • No extra expenses of purchasing paper, ink or toners.
  • You can send and receive multiple fax to email at the same time.
  • Enables people to send and receive fax to email services at anytime and place where there is Internet.

The following is a simple guideline of receiving fax to email messages.

Step 1

Do thorough research:

Research on the various Internet fax to email services available. You can check information from the Internet or talk too family and friends who use the fax to email services. Compare their costs and customer services. Do not chose a fax to email service provider because of their low charges, always go for the one that has best services.

Step 2

Consider your needs and budget:

After doing some good research, determine the fax to email service provider that meets and satisfies your needs and budget. Sign up for their fax to email services and make your payments as required. Remember to give the correct and accurate information.

Step 3

Check the fax to email services your selected provider offers:

Some fax to email service providers will allow you to receive the fax messages in form of text messages on your phone, others will send the fax to email messages directly to your email address while others will send an email to notify you that there is a fax to email message for ready for download.

Step 4

Test your fax to email service:

To test whether your fax to email is working, you can request a friend to send a fax to your fax address. Depending on your fax to email service provider's working style, you will receive a notification that you have received a fax to email message.

Step 5

Open the attached document or download from the provided location and read through your fax to email message.


Each fax to email service provider will have different protocols and directions from the other providers. But, most fax to email service provider will send the fax to email message to you inform of a PDF.
Always check and test the services offered by the fax to email service provider you chose to work with. Some service providers do not store or save fax messages hence it would not be possible to retrieve any important fax messages.
Always read through the terms, conditions and the payment information carefully to avoid subjecting your self to any hidden charges and unfavorable terms of service.
Fax to email services gives an individual the freedom and flexibility to share and read fax to email messages at their own convenience.

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