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How To Setup An Email Online


An email message is a form of digital communication online. It is the evolution of voice communication from regular landline telephone and cell phone services. However, people often have a hard time figuring out how to create an email account in comparison to these other telecom services. For example, in the course of an hour or two of watching a local cable TV station, viewers are often exposed to numerous advertisements for home phone  and cell phone services, telling people how to set up an account. Driving about town exposes many local residents to billboards that advertise the companies that people can call to set up telecom services. For online email services, however, people often to have go searching for the correct procedure for setting up a new account.

One of the reasons that consumers see so little advertisements for online email services is that many of the companies that host email clients do so free of charge to the public. Advertising costs money, and many businesses will not or cannot afford to budget for TV and billboard ads that encourage people to set up an account. Advertising on the Internet is costly for many companies, too.

If you are having trouble understanding how to set up a new account, you can use the following step by step instructions to help you get started.

Step 1

Consider and research online email service providers based on names that you may already have some degree of familiarity. For example, America Online (AOL), Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft have been leading companies that have developed and set the example for the Internet revolution. These companies also host email services.

For example, you might use the Google or Yahoo! search engine as the home page for your browser. If you are using a PC at the moment, then use Microsoft's Windows operating system. AOL has been around since the early days of dialup in the 1990s.


Step 2

Visit the domain of a major Internet company to discover that specific online email services that it offers:

  • (Windows)

Step 3

Click the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" button on the respective website to begin the process of setting up an online email account. This process confuses many Internet users, novices and experienced, alike. For some providers, creating an "account" gives users access to many more online products and services, in addition to having the ability to email. The account is similar to having an account for telephone and cell phone service, allowing you to subscribe and unsubscribe, make changes and just about anything else that account holders need to do.

Pay attention for the difference between an "account," "user name" and "email address." These may be the same or three completely different aspects of setting up online email.


Step 4

Fill in your online email account information. Be sure to remember or write down your password.

Step 5

Log in to your online email message account after you have finished the set up process. Send a test email to yourself or another user to determine if you were successful.


  • Guard your online email address as you would your phone number, to prevent getting a lot of junk email, or SPAM.

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