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How To Get a Business Email


The business industry is growing day by day and the need of communication is increasing and becoming more and more important. Email in business is an important tool for communication. For this purpose a business email address is far better then using your personal email address. Business emails should be kept separate from your personal email address, e.g. Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail, as these give you more choices. For example gives a more professional look than

Step 1

For this, first of all you should contact a domain name registration company to register the name of your company. This will allow you to set up your business email for a better and professional communication with your clients.You can get a business email address even if you are not ready to have a web site yet. Here are few tips and steps which you can follow to set up and use your business email address. This can be done in very easy to follow steps. These are

Step 2

  • Choose your Domain name: visit any of the domain registration companies near your place or you can register your domains online by visiting the web sites of this organization. Ideally your domain and business names should be same. This will help the customers to easily understand your business email address more easily. Try to pick a name that is:

i. easy to remember
ii. does not involve any un usual spellings
iii. it should not be hyphenated

Avoid names that are:
i. in use or registered by other business and organizations
ii. misleading or misusing in any way
iii. abusing names
iv. funny names

Step 3

Having the domain names with your country name abbreviation is considered the most appropriate for example,, etc.


Step 4

  • Find an email only hosting package: the domain name registration companies offer you email only hosting services which are ideal fro small business. You can get a number of business email addresses at very nominal prices. There is no need to pay for web site hosting if you haven’t got any web site yet, just choose a supplier which provides email only hosting services.

Step 5

  • Start sending and receiving your email addresses: most of the service providers offer a fully functional web mail service. You can simply log in your system using any email enabled computer, mobile device or any smart deice to send and receive your business emails. Also you can set up your PC or mobile phone to send or receive your business emails.


  •  Setting up an email signature: it is the law that you should provide business and contact details on all your emails. This will help a better communication between you and your clients.


The best and standard way to do this is to setup an email signature which is automatically added to his bottom of all your emails. Your employee staff should make sure that they all are using similar email signatures too.So by using the above simple to follow and effective steps you can easily set up your business email address in no time and you can have a new way of communication with your clients that is more professional.

By Debbie Thomas, published at 03/03/2012
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