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People who are using internet must know about the email net. This is a service through which we can transfer our data by using internet. Email stands for electronic mail which is used to exchange electronic or digital messages. Initially email works only when both the users are online but as the technology develops now the messages stored in the inbox and one can see when he come online and open his inbox. People who are using email net are worried about the safety and security of their data and messages. By taking following few steps we can make our electronic messages even more secure.


Changing of Password

In order to protect your email from any kind of misuse you need to change the password of your email net more frequently. In this way you can avoid password theft which is a major cause of email net hacking.

Avoid Sharing of Password

Keep in mind that you don’t need to share your password with anyone. We receive lots of messages in our inbox asking about our passwords. These messages are fake and one should never give them your email net password.

Sign Out when you finish

Often people close the email net without signing out properly. This will caused when next user open the webpage he can easily access your email net account. In order to avoid that kind of situation you need proper sign out from your email net account when you finish your work from any computer.


Use Latest Browser Versions

In order to enhance your online security you need to avoid using old versions of internet browsers. In new versions of internet explorer and other browsers the security level is increased and these versions are much more secure than old browser versions.

Use Secure Internet Service Providers

The good internet service providers have excellent security in their servers and they have extra security at administrative level to cope with different kind of hackers. If you want to make you personal information more secure than you have to use any reputable internet service provider.


Avoid Unnecessary Emails

Often we saw emails in our inbox from unknown senders with strange names. There are files attached with these emails and when you click that file all your personal information transferred to that user. You have to be careful about this and never open attachments from unknown senders because they not only hack your information but they can also harm the hard disk of your computer.As the use of email is increasing each day, the need of security of emails also raised. Dependency on internet and email net is increased since last 2 decades and now each day we are relying more on online services. Therefore we all have to follow above mentioned tips to make our electronic mails safe and secure. You have to remember that leaking of password or by any other way if someone can be able to see your inbox he can harm you in many ways so you have to take extreme measures of protecting your email account and inbox in order to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.

By Debbie Thomas, published at 03/03/2012
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