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How To Learn About the History Of Email


Email also called electronic mail is a type of electronic message which is sent via internet. Email has proved to be the fastest way of sending a message. You can send emails within seconds to multiple receivers. In the past, when internet and email options were not available, people faced real difficulties while communication throughout the world. But then technology took a great step and communicating via emails became a popular trend. Every official and businessmen prefers emails to communicate to their colleagues and other office mates. No matter where ever you are sitting, if the internet is available you can communicate to masses via email. Mega corporations and companies use to deal their clients and dealers via email. All official documents and details are sent via email. So no one can ignore the significance of email in this present time.

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Email functions of today’s time are much better and modern as compare to the old ones. Now you can send an email having a material of 25MB. You can share pictures, lectures, videos, soft wares, assignments, agreements, and many other confidential documents via email. All this is because email is the best, fastest and secure medium to send your information or document.

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Besides all this, everyone should know the history of email. Email is present before the internet and it was not sent, they were left behind just like a leaving a note on anyone table. And the message was seen easily when the computer was logged on. When internet was available, process of email sending took a new curve.

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But that process of email sending was really complicated because it was difficult to send the email to right person. This process of email sending was creating problems for all to communicate in a better way.

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Then the improved way of email sending was invented in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson. He chooses the symbol “@” for denoting sending message from one computer to another. This improved way of email sending helped the people a lot to send the email to correct address. With the passage of time, many renovations occurred in the process of email sending. Sorting of email in the folder option was later invented.

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In 1976, more modifications were happened to the process of email sending but at that time, internet was so expenses that one could afford to use it. It was really difficult for people to read email replies. Many offline readers used tis tire emails to their computers and read them later without being connected to the internet.


Email sending became very popular when people got awareness about it. They felt the process of email sending really easy and faster as well. So to fulfill their needs, different kinds of up gradations and renovation took place and still new features are adding in the process of email sending continuously.


Now at the present time, there are few famous email messengers that are mostly used for example Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Fast mail etc. people use to send emails by using their favorite messengers.

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