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The best three web based email service providers are yahoo, Gmail, as well as Hotmail. The question is which one among them is the best? What most people focus on when they are looking for the top most service is the user base. If a web has the largest user base, then it is regarded as the best. So how does one declare the best email service in the world? Of course, there are thousands o0f web based services all over the world, but it would be simpler to focus on at least the above mentioned three to come to conclusion swiftly.

Rating the best email service

Rating web based email services is very challenging, and most people say that this is always one of the most difficult part. But, one can consider other factors that they can simply quantify, for instance, the account storage space as well as load time which are determined in numbers. Nonetheless, one cannot rely on email service features such as versatility, accessibility, in addition to interface intuitiveness because they change every now and again depending on the following factors: time of the day, one's perception and location, among others. This would easily create a level podium for email services. Moreover, it is believed that best email service has no or little complaints from the users.

Best email service has the least problems

Looking into the best three web based email service providers, it has come to many users’ realization that hotmail and Gmail had a good number of problems experienced by their users, while yahoo had the least. Even though users experience problems when they are carrying out searches, this does not stop them from accessing these websites. They will always look for solutions on web even if they are complaining of encountering problems at the end. Moreover, it is worth acknowledging that these problems are genuine, hence they will not stop users from accessing the webs. Is yahoo mail the best email? Well, to some extent it is true because it is the leading in popularity and usability. Its searches are mainly based on sets of keywords. Yahoo mail is also best known for reliable services for its users; that is why it is high subscriber based.

Let the user judge the best email service

There is no doubt that many people access more than three webs. As a matter of fact, they have their own conclusive information regarding all these accounts. Most people say that they like yahoo because they are used to it and it is dependable. Others would say that they are used to other accounts, hence they prefer them. This is why judging the best email service is still very challenging. Moreover, users would consider things like which account they are more conversant with its interface, in that the one that is easy to understand and use. With yahoo mail, one will always love the services and it will always have the best interface unless other accounts make more efforts of outdoing it. With the stiff competition in the market, the best email service is the one that updates its features regularly which enhance the flexibility of the account.

By Ignat Victor, published at 04/03/2012
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