How To Archive Email With Gmail?
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How To Archive Email With Gmail?

Published at 04/02/2012 22:46:58


How To Archive Email With Gmail?

When you send a Gmail message to the archive email folder, it is preserved for future viewing. By doing so, you can make your inbox appear a bit tidier. Messages that are sent to the archive email folder are not deleted. You can view any message that has been sent to the archive email folder by simply clicking on the "All Mail" label in the menu on the left of your Gmail inbox view. If you receive a reply to a mesage that you have sent to the archive email folder, the reply message will appear in your inbox so that it is not missed.

Step 1

Access your Gmail account in a Web browser. You can use any available browser to view your email account. You will need to sign into your account in order to view your email messages. For Gmail login, provide your user name and password. After entering your login information, click "Sign In." You will be redirected to your email's inbox. If you do not remember your login information, click the "Can't Access Your Account" link and follow the prompts to gain access to your Gmail account.

Step 2

Click on a message in your email inbox. By default, the messages are listed in the order in which they are received. The sender of the email is in the first column, while the subject of the email is in the middle column. When you click on the email message you want to view, the full text of the message will be displayed.

Step 3

Review the soon-to-be archive email in its entirety. Ensure that it is a message that you want to send to your archive email folder. You will need to determine if the message is one that you want to really keep or is it more appropriate to send it to another folder or the trash. After determining whether it is right for the archive email folder, scroll to the top of the message.

Step 4

Review the icons at the top of the mail screen. Each icon represents a different function you can perform with your email. The icons include the ability to immediately trash the email you are reviewing and the option to tag the email to mark it as important. The icon to send the message to the archive email folder looks like a folder with a down arrow in the middle of it.

Step 5

Click on the "Archive" icon. The message will be sent to your archive email folder. At the top of the screen, the message "The conversation has been archived" should be displayed. If the message is not displayed, you will need to locate the email and send it to the archive email folder.


If you send an email message to the archive email folder by mistake, click "Undo" in the top menu. The message will be returned to the inbox folder.

Return an archived message to the inbox by clicking the "X" next to the "Archived" label while viewing the message. The message will appear once again in your inbox. 

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