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How To Check the Security Of Your Email


Email security is a big issue for email users. The security email can be compromised at any time by a variety of sources. Even though you may not think anyone wants to gain access to your email, there is a possibility that you could become the victim of a hacker. It is important to check your email's security on a monthly basis to ensure that someone doesn't have access to your personal information. Securing your email often only takes a few minutes and could make a big difference in the long run.

Step 1

The security of your email and Internet connection are directly related. If your network is not secure, you leave your email open to hackers. Ensure security email by checking how safe your Internet network is. If you use a router, ensure that you use a password to keep unauthorized users from using it. You also need to change up the password occasionally to ensure that it is not discovered. Never use an easy to guess password. The password should include different characters such as letters, numbers and special characters such as !, &, and %.

Step 2

Ensure security email by changing up your email password once a month. Although this may seem like a nuisance, it is a precautionary step that could make the difference between someone gaining access to your private emails or not. Security email passwords include special characters, numbers and letters. Do not write down your password. Anyone who has access to the spot in which you wrote the password can easily copy the password and gain access to your private messages.

Step 3

Use an online security email check service. The service will use your email address to check it against email addresses that have appeared in chat rooms and other locations on the Internet that hackers tend to frequent. If your email address has appeared in any suspicious location on the Internet, the location will be displayed. Change your passwords as soon as possible if your email has been compromised.

Step 4

Change up your secret questions once a month to ensure the security email. Anyone who is able to answer your secret questions can read your emails. They can even change your password and lock you out of your own account. It is a good idea to change your security questions when you change your email account's password. Try not to use a secret question that anyone can easily guess such as your birthday, address or age.

Step 5

Download and install a firewall program that can scan your email account. The firewall will alert you if the security email has been compromised. The firewall can also help protect you from future attempts at compromising your security email. If a threat is detective, a notification message will be displayed and you will be prompted to secure your email.


If your email has been hacked and personal information such as credit card numbers or addresses were obtained, contact your local law enforcement agency. The information could potentially lead to a host of problems for you and your significant others.

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