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How To Email Mass Recipients

Published at 04/12/2012 13:09:34


Unlike large businesses with the marketing muscle to purchase annual subscriptions on email marketing platforms like Constant Contact and Aweber, small businesses are more limited. Many face challenges in coming up with the best and most sustainable mass email marketing strategies to communicate with their clients. The following paragraphs will outline some of the steps that small businesses can make to deploy successful mass email marketing campaigns.

Step 1

Choose the most suitable mass email marketing software

The most important part is determining what mass email marketing platform or software you will use to build your list and market to your clientele. There are many options available including paid and free options; most free options are limited in scope while paid programs can be too expensive. It’s therefore important to strike balance between quality and performance before moving forward with a single platform versatile enough to meet your requirements.

Step 2

Choose an email template

Once you have decided on a platform, you can move ahead and create a standard template to use for all your mass email marketing. While many programs and platforms come with pre installed templates, all of them do not reflect your particular corporate brand or logos. You can hire a good graphics designer to come up with a suitable template that incorporates your brand and which can use for long term communications.

Step 3

Add your message

Once you have a suitable template, it’s now time to add your all important marketing message to reach your client base. Most mass email software and platforms have WYSIWYG editors where you can add text and graphics and preview your message. Ensure your message is concise and without grammatical errors; if possible, send test emails to marketing colleagues and get their feedback on suitability of message.

Step 4

Choose email recipients

Some companies have elaborate mailing lists where clients are categorized according to their preferences while some have single mailing lists to serve all purposes. Building quality mailing lists will take your time but you can encourage clients to leave contacts behind or use lead generation programs to collect mass email addresses. Once you have chosen your list of recipients, you can upload them to the mass email platform and create categories where necessary to help you better target your emails.

Step 5

Schedule your email, preview and send

This is a crucial step in mass email marketing; determine the best date and time for releasing emails to reach recipients taking their time zones into consideration. It’s advisable to send the emails in the morning when people are most likely to open and read their emails. Always preview the email one more time and send test copies to close leagues for last minute feedback before sending it out.

Tips and Comments

Apart from the software and paid online tools like Aweber, you may opt for installation of free email scripts provided in the cpanel by your webhosting company. There are other free mass email marketing options available such as Dadamail, MailChimp, Mailman, 1and1Mail and even options like Google Groups. At any rate, if your mailinglist is much smaller then you may opt for the free mass email marketing options as they are more cost effective and serve the same purpose.

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