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How To Send An Email To Fax

Published at 04/02/2012 14:21:03


There are many a times, when you cannot justify spending cash or use the resources and space of office equipments like fax machine. For them, there are many online service providers who can help them in sending faxes using their own email account. Here are a few steps on how to send an email to fax.

Step 1

There are many service providers for email to fax services. You can search them online or can choose the easy option of asking some of the business associates about these email to fax providers. Many can recommend some online sites which can turn out to be helpful. Some of the examples are FaxPipe, MaxEmail, and MetroFax. You only need to sign up with the elected service provider. is a popular site supporting email to fax service and serves the issue quite properly.

Step 2

You should be able to pay the fees needed by the sites for the email to fax services provided by them. The amount dedicated for fees can vary from high range to a nominal charge depending on the sites. These fees range from monthly payment to per page fax cost. These fees are needed for the setup of the system or for activating the service in your email account. You should personally check with the respective email to fax provider regarding how much they charge when they allow their clients to fax using their emails.

Step 3

You should choose the mode in which you wish to fax the document. It can be either in PDF format or TIFF file format. This same format can be used to send or receive fax using your email account. A software is required to be installed to read these type of documents such as Adobe is needed to read the files of PDF format.

Step 4

If you wish to email to fax, then simply open a blank new message in your mailing system. Then you should type the fax number to which you wish to send the fax. The number should be mentioned in the “To” field of the mail. In some countries like United States, this number can be in the ten digit form and should not contain any space or any type of punctuation marks. There cannot be any type of separation in between the digits. You should add “@” symbol after the fax number of the recipient. The name of the domain of the email to fax service provider should be typed after the “@” symbol. To make you understand, you can consider an hypothetical example of a name of a domain to be as You should separate the multiple recipients of the fax by simple commas.

Step 5

You can also send one fax cover sheet if you wish to or need to. You can add the fax cover sheet by following the procedures laid by the service provider. In general case, it involves typing the cover sheet into the body of the email message.


You are also able to attach the files you wish to email to fax. Then simply send the mail. The email to fax service will automatically convert the attached files in to desired format.