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The .edu is a domain that was formed in the month of January in the year 1985 and was declared to be the one of the most top level domains. Some of the registered domains include, and so on. Till the year of 2001, no registration fees were required for the registration of .edu domain, for all the educational institutions. After the change of registrar from Network Solutions to Educause, an annual charge of registration was introduced for the institutions that would register with them. As the name suggests, .edu was the domain that registered only educational institutions from all over the world.

Interesting details:

Surveys state that most of the .edu registered institutions are U S institutions; the reason is that, other country generally uses their own domain. After a few days, a rule was implemented that any new institution would not be eligible for registering on .edu domain. The institution must have a schooling period of four years in postsecondary courses. After much controversies, the .edu domain got restricted to only those institution that are US-accredited and slowly afterwards colleges and universities both were given permission to register with the .edu domain and thus started receiving edu email identities.

Receiving edu email:

Edu email could be received by those institutions that had been already registered with the domain. But the main necessity is that these institutions should be providing post secondary education. Another important eligibility is that the registered or the registering institutions should be a US registered institution or the location of the institution in the United States or it may be legalized organization of the United States. The edu email are to be provided to the registered organization and the .edu domain name that is to be provided can also be used in some other domain. In the years from 2004 to 2011, there were at least seven thousand to eight thousand registered institutions that were registered for the domain and had received edu email ids.

The present situation:

There were some domains that were registered with the .edu domain and had received edu email id since then. But after that a number of changes had taken place and there had been vast changes in the rules and regulations. Certain new restrictions had also been imposed and new terms and conditions have been set up. But the question would arise, what would happen to the previously existing institutions that got registered with .edu domain. Registrants of that time are allowed to carry on with the same domain names without having anything to change regarding the present status of the eligibility criteria, unless and until the condition becomes such that they are not allowed to use the domain name anymore. This was done to greatly lessen down the number of organization that is in the domain. It was a success to some extent. Strict review says that, there are some organizations and institutions that continue with the registration illegally knowing that according to the conditions that were imposed, they are not eligible for being in the domain.

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