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How To Email a Group Of People


There are certain requirements and sometimes you need to dispatch a particular email to group of people. You can send that email one by typing the email address or selecting the group of people who are concerned with that particular email. Adding a group of people is very simple and easy, using the address book of your mailbox you can send an email to any number of people. Generally, there are many email service provider which supports this awesome feature. We will be discussing about sending an email to a group of people using the Google’s Gmail service which is used by many people nowadays.

Step 1

The first step is to create an email group where all the users are similar such as friends, family and office. The main purpose of the email group is to send an email easily and to read them. Creating an email group is very easy and simple in Gmail. Firstly, you need to click on the Mail and then on the Contacts. After that you need to add people to that particular group, for that click on the Group and then press Create New. After that name the email group and click on OK.

Step 2

If you already have a group and you need to add contact to that Group you need to follow these easy steps. From the Contacts List click on the contact and then go the Group after clicking it. If the Group is already present you can add to that group and if not then you can create a new email group. There are some scenario in which multiple address is present for a contact, you can choose the address and click on the small arrow. This concludes our creation of email group.

Step 3

Gmail provides us with the fastest way of adding an email group to send an email. Click on the Compose button and you will see a window in which the name of the recipients, subject, and attachments are available. For sending emails to group of peoples, go to address tab. From the Compose on the left panel create a message to send. Type the email address in the “To” field section. Gmail provides you with the provision to leave the “To” field blank. In this case all the members of the contact group will receive that message.

Step 4

Click on the “Add Bcc” and then type the name of the email group you want to send that email. Gmail will then add all the contacts in that group and the name of the email group. If you want to remove or add any particular email address then you can also do that very easily. You can also select few people on the email group and send an email very easily. To do this, choose the group and from the drop-down menu select that email address. Compose the mail and click on the Send.

Step 5

Gmail supports about 500 email recipient’s address. If you want to add more contacts then you should consider the Google group. If the group is small and the number of people is less than 100 then the simple Gmail program is sufficient enough.


Nowadays, almost each and every person is having a Gmail account.

Additional tip

Social networking websites are also compatible with Gmail.

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