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How To Set Up An Email Service


Whether you want to provide an e-mail service to the visitors on your website, or you want to make sure that every other employee of your company has the opportunity to gain access to a separate mailbox, there are countless ways to set up email service that is designed keeping in view the groups of users being served. One point should be kept in mind that there is no single, as well as right way through, which the selection of the solution can be made and the only way to determine will be your specific requirements and situation, which will be definitely distinct from that of the others.

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The process to set up email service requires a bit of research and knowledge and in this article you can gain some useful points to increase your understanding, as well as knowledge to set up email service. Make sure that you have properly investigated your options as it would be a difficult task once you have decided to set up email service for the supporting active users.

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Below mentioned examples will be of great help to initiate with the planning process for the set up email service.
Email Solutions for Small Enterprises
If your requirement is to set up email service, which is not only free but also requires few minutes to set up, there are various companies which are offering co-branding email services that can be used by any website. The advantages of this service are that it is easy for everyone in addition to being free of cost. On the other hand, the disadvantage of this service is that the user cannot use one of his own domain names rather; the service aspects will be similar to many of the other websites. Moreover, the revenue generation from the advertising of ads is also lost out and you do not posses any user base of your own.

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Build, Licensing Or Co-Branding – What Is Your Choice?
In the process of set up email service, it is also required to consider whether your requirement is to build a free email service which will have to be set up from the ground up level, obtain a license to an existing opportunity, buying an email server package or is going for co-branding within the existing providers email service that is free of cost.

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The whole aspects of set up email service are dependent on the funds that are to be invested within the project. If you have budget limitation issues, you can always opt for co-branding of the email service or buy a cheaper server package for the set up email service.

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On the other hand, if you go for building a set up email service, it will not only require much time but, will also involve a lot of money to be invested.


However, the feature will allow you to stand out from the competition as it will have characteristics which have been customized as per your requirements.

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If you want a solution which guarantees exact results than licensing the set up email from an existing service provider will not only control your users but will also impose a restriction on your advertising revenue.

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