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How To Email With Att


Att email is an email application that makes it easy for a user to send and receive mail over the internet anywhere in the world. This application also comes with access to all your Yahoo contacts. It automatically sorts your email into different folders which makes it really easy to access specific emails. The other thing about att email is that it enables you to access emails from all your other email accounts. It also has features that enable you to personalize your own account. You have unlimited email storage and can manage your mail box.

Step 1

Obviously the first thing is to open an att email account. Make sure your computer has been connected to the internet. Using your preferred web browser, type the address in the address box and press enter. The Yahoo! Sign-in page will open on the browser

Step 2

Type in your yahoo email address and password, then click on sign in. You can also decide to use att email classic that is mail classic. You can do this by selecting the Mail Classic option from the options menu.

Step 3

After you have set up the email account, you can now start sending and receiving mail. To send mail click the compose button and select email. A new blank email will appear in a new tab. You can choose the email address you would like to att email from your contacts or just type it in. If sending to more than one person, you can click on the Cc: tab and type in another email address or still choose from the contacts.

Step 4

You can then compose the email you would like to send in the space that has been provided. Once you are done, if you are interested in attaching any photos, videos, documents or a folder, just click on the attach file button then select the files or document you would like to attach to the mail. Make sure that the documents you want to attach have already been saved in your personal computer or the one you are using.

Step 5

After you have attached your documents of files, and are ready to send, just click on the send button and your att email will be sent immediately. If the person you have sent the att email replies you will get the response really fast.


Att email has really nice feature and is extremely fast. It has features such as instant photos and video viewing, spam guard, allows you to attach large files, unlimited storage, mobile mail, enhanced security and is really easy to use. You can also access your att email from your other email accounts really fast and easy without any hustles or questions. This application even allows you to keep a personal archive for your emails. Incase of any questions att email has a tab where you can ask anything that is not clear and the response is quite fast. Att email is very fast and efficient and also has a nice look too.

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