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Published at 04/06/2012 18:38:25


There are many ways of marketing. In this time of Internet boom, opt-in email is one of the best and cheapest ways of marketing. Without investing a penny you can market about the product or service to the subscribed user. We are using the term subscribed user because you need to have prior permission form the user to send an email to them. Thats the reason that it is often called as permission based marketing. Since, opt-in email is only sent to a particular person and is quiet fast compared to the direct marketing. 

Many of the professionals uses opt-in Email for marketing purposes. Lately, it has gained popularity and which lead to use of this facility by advertisers. The great thing about this kind of email is that it can be tracked easily. User takes a quick action on this kind of email. They can also share the advertisement to their friends and family. To opt for opt-in Email user must subscribe beforehand, it is not considered as a spam. With the advent of more complex technology such as flash, video, pictures and more. make the message more compelling and enjoyable. If the user finds the advertisement exciting they will surely click on the ad and it can be tracked from there.

Opt-in email can be implemented by following few simple steps. You can add a form on the website, blog or any social networking websites in such a way that it is easily visible to the user. You can also provide a link to your website from where user can opt for opt-in email. Share the content of the website or the blog on any social media websites as it not only helps the current user but also encourages other user to opt for this service. Opt-in Email must be shareable with friends. Marketing can also be done using the Smartphone, iPads, android cellphones and tablets.

All the subscribed user email address must be saved in the database so that when you need to send opt-in Email you can select all the interested customers and send them mail easily. Fortunately, there are many website which provides service for the opt-in email. The cost of this service starts around $100 to $1000. the cost usually depends on the numbers of email you want to send.

Since, opt-in email doesn't cost you much because you are saving a lot of money on paper, envelope, postage and printing. However, you can invest a little more making the advertisement to include photos and videos. If the earlier email hasn't got the required attention you can fine tune the advertisement so that user can get engaged to it.

Tips and Comments

finally, try to use small and powerful sentences. If you make the ad confusing by using lots of bluff content then it will not clarify things but will confuse the user and you don't want that to happen. Always aim for getting more and more user who becomes interested in your offer.