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A web hosting internet service is a type of internet hosting service that allows an organization or an individual to make their own website accessible to the world via the world wide web. While the web host are companies that provide spaces on their server so that clients can own or lease it also provides internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Something else that web host can do is to provide space in their data center and this way other carvers located in this data center can access the data space and connectivity to the internet. This other servers in the data center are called collocation. Is technology not beautiful?


The most basic scope of web hosting is web page and small scale filing. This files are taken to the web and many wed host offer this service for free of charge to their subscribers. As we said web hosting is for both individuals and organizations so this individuals and organizations may obtain web page hosting from different service providers. personal or individual wed site hosting is typically free, advertisement are sponsored and so it is very inexpensive. When it comes to business or organizations the whole web site hosting becomes rather expensive as compared to an individual web hosting

Sometime we ask is this whole website thing reliable and up to time? For as to be answered that question the availability of the website is measured by the percentage of a year in which the website is accessible to the publican and can easily be reached via or through the internet but that measures only its reliability and not its up time this is because up time refers to the system itself being online, but it does not take to account the possibility of being able to reach it as in the event of a network coverage. So some formulas have been created to be able to calculate the availability of the website.

Total time=365 days per year *24 hours per day*60 minutes per hour.


This web hosting service is offered by different companies and mostly has limited services since there is no income because their services are free but sometimes it is supported by advertisements since they are many but it cannot be compared to paid hosting

Reseller web hosting

This web hosting service allows clients to be hosts of themselves. This web hosting service could function for individual domains under any combination of any other type of web hosting depending on what matches with them as a reseller. Most resellers provide identical services to their providers.

Managing web hosting

In this type of web hosting service the user gets his or her own web server but does not gain full control over it. However the user is allowed to manage their own data via FTP or any other remote management tools. The reason why the user is not allowed full control is so that the provider guarantees quality service by not allowing the user to modify the server as it best suits him.

Tips and comments

web hosting has become very popular with morden companies

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