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Published at 01/10/2012 19:49:58


When it comes to office and domestic cleaning jobs, there are usually many opportunities available here, if you have the right references. People are very wary about who they let into their homes, so a domestic person has to have excellent contactable references before they are even considered for the job. The same goes for a domestic helper at an office; you cannot let any stranger into the premises where you work or live, be careful of who you trust and make sure you trust someone fully before allowing them access to your life. People think that cleaning jobs are the easiest to find, but this is not always the case. A few tips below can help you the next time you are looking for these types of jobs.


The first point is knowing where to look. Cleaning jobs are most commonly advertised in newspapers and online. There are quite a few websites that you can use to find domestic work as most people only place ads on websites they trust. Even if you keep going back to the same site to find what you are looking for, something is bound to come up sooner or later, but if you are desperate for work and cannot wait that long, you will have to look at other sites, check notice boards and ask around if anyone knows of vacancies within the area. Using a local newspaper is one of the most effective ways of looking for these jobs. You will therefore find it in your local neighbourhood or area so that even if you are going to need transport money you can even walk.


Applying for Cleaning jobs is easy but you need to follow a few steps. Domestic and office jobs are not seen today as they were seen twenty years ago. These days, you have to be qualified to become a domestic worker in most cases and you have to have a really good history of references. Make sure you have an impeccable CV to present to your potential employers, and should you meet with them for an interview, be happy, be yourself and show them that they can trust you. Preparing for the interview is also very important whether you are having a formal or non formal interview. If you do not know how to present yourself in an interview ask your friend or research online and know what is expected of you.

Tips and comments

It is all about trust; at the end of the day you are the one you will be spending the most time in their home during the week, and at the office you will be sharing their workspace, so they have to be able to trust you in every aspect possible. Applying for cleaning jobs can be done online too, it also shows that you know your way around the twenty-first century technology, but it isn’t everything you need to impress! If you are not confident to apply yourself then you can go through an agent.


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