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How To Find a Cleaning Job

Published at 03/03/2012 00:03:04


When you are hunting a cleaning job there are many resources that can help you land the job you are looking for. Whether you want to work locally and really close to home or in a major city nearby cleaning jobs are usually not terribly hard to find. Keeping an open mind will help ease your search and is sure to help you land the perfect job!

Step 1

Looking for a cleaning job is really not as hard as you may think if you keep an open mind and realize there is a demand for cleaners and housekeepers in many different settings. You may find listings that range from doctors offices, retail stores, factories, business offices, hotels, motels, cabin and cottage rentals and more. It all depends on what type of cleaning job you really want.

You need to first determine what types of cleaning jobs interest you. Do you have experience in cleaning rooms for a hotel or motel but maybe you want to change jobs and try something different? Never fear because experience in any cleaning job will help you land the next cleaning job you decide to apply for!

Step 2

To begin with you need to really browse your local newspaper ads and maybe some of the cities close to where you live that have job classifieds. In those listings you may be able to find the type of cleaning job you are looking for.

If you live in small rural area then try the job listings in a newspaper of a major city nearby. Don’t get discouraged because many businesses have started listing many of their jobs online now because there are so many free resources where they can list their help wanted ad for free versus having to pay a fee for an ad in the newspaper.

Step 3

When you take your job search to the internet it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different resources online that you can use to search for a cleaning job. Some of the sites you may want to browse and search are:

Those are only 4 of the great resources available for you to begin your job search. There are many more available for you to use. You can also use and search for additional websites where you can search for and apply for cleaning jobs online. Some will even allow you to join their site for free and post your resume online so employers can find you there and contact you for an interview if they feel you are a qualified candidate.

Step 4

If you haven’t already done so, you need to make sure you prepare a well written, well formatted resume for yourself. Make sure you put all of your information on the resume and include any experience with a cleaning job you have had. This will help the employer be able to recognize that you are experienced and qualified for the cleaning job they offer.

Step 5

Have your references handy. This means not only past or present employers but you may need personal references too. Many potential employers are going to want to contact your references and ask questions about you. Many times the reference checks are what a potential employer will do before they decide to hire you or not and they will make a determination based on whether or not your references have positive feedback on you.


Prepare a well written, well formatted resume.

Don't forget your local job classifieds.

Ask your personal references if it's acceptable for you to use them as a personal reference before you give out their contact information.



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