How to apply for house cleaning jobs in florida
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How to apply for house cleaning jobs in florida

Published at 04/05/2012 17:09:31


How to apply for house cleaning jobs in florida

House cleaning jobs in Florida are plentiful. Many services and private employers are constantly searching for the right persons to help with maintaining a home. When you are looking and applying for house cleaning jobs in Florida, there are several factors to keep in mind. Do you only want to work in certain areas? How much do you want to earn? Before searching for house cleaning jobs in Florida, make a list of benefits you want.

Step 1

Search the local classified adds for house cleaning jobs in Florida. Many private employers place advertisements in newspapers asking for help. The ads are updated on a daily basis. Many employment advisers recommend looking in the Sunday newspaper due to the most new ads being placed on that day. Search in the “Help Wanted” section to determine if there are any house cleaning jobs in Florida in which you are interested.

Step 2

Register at an employment service. Employment services such as Manpower and Express can help match you up with local employers that are offering house cleaning jobs in Florida. The jobs will take into account your skills and the benefits you are looking for and try to find a suitable match. Be prepared at all times though. A job opportunity could show up at any time of the day. Failure to accept the job could result in fewer house cleaning jobs in Florida being offered to you by the employment service.

Step 3

Ask friends and family members do they know of any employers hiring for house cleaning jobs in Florida. Your contacts can most likely direct you to a good employer and give you advice or tips on how to successfully work with the employer. Your contacts can also reach out to their own contacts to find out if there are any available house cleaning jobs in Florida that might interest you. Be sure to thank your contacts for their help. You will never know when you may need to reach out to them again.

Step 4

Place an ad of your own in the local classified papers. Many people who are seeking house cleaning jobs in Florida place their own ads detailing their experience and rates. Doing so allows potential employers to know up-front what you expect and what they can expect of you. Provide as much detail as possible in your ad so that you can eliminate people who are not interested in the services you provide.

Step 5

Register with a house cleaning service. House cleaning services such as MaidPro consider you an employee and take care of the hard work of finding the right house cleaning jobs in Florida. As an employee, you may qualify for benefits such as health care and tuition reimbursement. The application process is usually the same as other jobs in Florida. When considering agencies, think of what benefits and wages you are willing to accept.


When meeting with a potential employer for house cleaning jobs in Florida that you found through an ad, it may be a good idea to meet in a public place. Always take your own safety and well-being into account when searching and interviewing for a house cleaning job.

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