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How To Look For Jobs in Cleaning

Published at 03/03/2012 00:01:42


If you are on the hunt for cleaning job there are many places you can look. If you aren’t too picky there are usually many choices when it comes to cleaning jobs. Don’t restrict yourself by not looking at the big picture on how many different types of cleaning jobs are offered.

Step 1

When you are searching for jobs in cleaning you can start by looking at your local newspaper job classifieds. You never know what you may find there and it’s a great place to start especially with the gas prices rising like they are. With a local job it would be a shorter commute to work and would keep you around the community you live in. In the long run it will save you money.

Step 2

The local branch of your unemployment office also keeps up to date job listings so it would be beneficial to check with them as well. Many states have their unemployment job bank online as well. Either way, they are a great resource to find jobs in cleaning as they most often have that type of job listing available.

Step 3

The next place that you may want to job hunt is online. Many newspapers and other classified sites make their listing available to the public for free. One such site that has listings in most areas is There are many employers that now post their available job listings on Craigslist because it is free to use and they also get a huge amount of exposure because the site is so popular and they receive many hits on a daily basis.

Step 4

Word of mouth is another way to find jobs in cleaning. If you are like most people you know someone who has a job somewhere in the local or outlying areas that you can consult with. Ask them if they know of anyone that is hiring for jobs in cleaning in the area.

If you don’t get any results by consulting with friends, family or others you know, then there are tons of other resources out there to find jobs in cleaning.

Step 5

While you are online drop in and visit and check to see what types of jobs in cleaning they ave listed. You can even put your resume on their site so potential employers can find you. They also have other tools on their site such as a salary wizard, career tools, job advice and more.


Put those resources to use so you can expand your capabilities of finding the job in cleaning that you desire. Make sure you prepare your resume so you can be ready to present it when you apply or during your interview process. If you have experience with jobs in cleaning then you will need to make sure you include that experience on your resume and your application.

Have your personal and employment reference ready for the potential employer because they are most likely going to check with your references and want to ask them a few questions about you.

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