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Attorney Auto Accident Duties


Nowadays motor vehicle accidents have become very frequent. These accidents not only injure the travellers, but also in many cases cease their lives. Accidents are mainly caused due to reckless driving, drunk drivers, usage of mobile phones and a lot more other reasons. In this modern age where tonnes of medicines and treatments being invented has increased our natal rate; such accidents are playing the best part to decrease the mortality of living world. Whenever a person gets injured in an accident due to the above mentioned causes, he/she can apply for justice. Such cases are dealt by attorney for the auto accidents or precisely “attorney auto accident”.


The main job of the “attorney auto accident” is to bring the guilty under law and fight for justice. He/she has the duty to convince the guilty party to pay for their mistakes by paying the bills of the hospitals and medicines. The attorney of the car accident is a professional guide to the victim party who helps them to get all possible repayment from the guilty party. But these cases are not always that simple as they look. In many cases the guilty party denies their guilt so that they do not have to pay the compensations. This is when the attorney auto accident is required and the victim party can seek for help. He/she can only help the victim party to be saved from the cruel rules of insurance. The amount of money to be claimed depends on many factors, firstly the type of injury, secondly the intensity of injury. The number of days a victim remains absent from his/her job, an equal amount of wage together with compensation is claimed.

Choosing an attorney

The best choice is an experienced attorney who knows the law well and thus can help the victim party in all manners possible by estimating the damage; so that the victim party can claim the exact amount. An interview of the short listed attorneys can also be done before coming to a conclusion of whom to finalize. Nowadays through various online legal firms, a victim can choose an attorney by checking the client’s reviews, customer testimonials, feedbacks from the law firm to which the attorney is attached. It is suggested that the victim must have a one-to-one talk with the attorney auto accident, so that the attorney can understand the victim well to avoid future misunderstandings.

Insurance Company

Among all these activities insurance companies also play an important role? The insurance company has the right to choose the attorney for the victim party to be insured. Some of the insurance companies who choose to support their insured, they even estimates the claim of the victim. The attorney appointed by the insurance company owes the victim a duty of loyalty and an independent professional judgement. This process of representation of the attorney is a two-client relationship which is also called tripartite relationship. Thus attorney auto accident can be hired individually or through an insurance company of the victim to provide immediate help to the victim party.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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