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Guide To Download Music Online

Published at 03/31/2012 00:42:46


There are several ways to download music from the internet, but you should know that some of those methods are illegal. While there are still some countries in the world where this is not a problem, the majority of countries have strict laws against those practices. In the EU countries and in the United States, people that have the courage to download music illegally might even go to jail.

The DC and torrent applications are used to download music by millions of people every day, but those are illegal practices. Even if the governments are trying to stop or at least to limit the access of users to those services, the webmasters of the respective sites always find a method to keep those webpages at the limit of legality. Using those services is not prohibited, but the user has the whole responsibility of those actions.


The newest programs on the internet will allow you to download music directly from the video streaming sites such as YouTube. You only need to install a widget on your computer, and you can start downloading videos directly from the browser, and you can even transform it in any format you need. However, the quality of the sound will be affected, as viable programs of this kind are still not invented.

However, you will always have the possibility to download music directly from the legal sites. There are two types of sites of this kind. The ones offering free music that is not the subject of copyright laws is good, but usually you can only find obscure and old melodies. Quality costs, and if you are looking for new songs, or even for old songs composed by some good artists, you will have to find the paid methods to download music.


The iTunes services were invented by Apple, in order to satisfy the needs of iPod, iPad and iPhone users. However, those songs are available for the users of other devices, and it is the fastest method to download music. It is legal, and even if the prices are not the smallest, you will benefit of the finest quality possible. Streaming is not such a great method to download music. In some cases, the internet connection might be slow, and nobody wants to miss a party or an important event from this cause.

Tips and comments

It is a pity to download music from the illegal sites, as we need to pay our respect for the artists that are able to make quality music. You should know that a part of the money you pay for a song will go to the artist, encouraging him to make more and more melodies. It is just like you are going to the local store. As it is unconceivable to take whatever you want from the store and to leave without paying, maybe this kind of education should also be applied for the songs and videos that we can find online. Choose the legal methods to download music and you will be able to sleep better at night.