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Where to download music for free

Published at 01/25/2012 08:34:39

Where to download music for free

Music is universal and everyone loves listening to their favorite musicians from time to time. Thanks to the advance in internet technology, people no longer have to wait for long and save enough to buy their favorite music CDs. Now artists can easily give their fans music directly via the internet by offering them free download music. There are so many sources where fans can download music freely: from the bands website, free music downloads sites and record labels.

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Although there are all these sources of free download music, it also comes with a lot of risks. As a consumer if you are not careful you can unknowingly download copywrited music and find your self in trouble with the law. On the other hand, as an internet user you risk getting things like viruses, spyware, hackers and even pornography in your computer which may compromise the normal functioning of your computer. They not only invade your online privacy but may also steal your personal information

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This however does not mean you cannot still access free download music, it just means that you are going to have to be a clever consumer and know where to go and safely download free music. There are many sites where you can download perfectly legal music on the internet and they include:


  1. has more than 40K free download music with creative commons license. Not only does it offer direct downloads but also a torrent tracker. The music available is not limited in the states but has also international music from other parts of the world too and is available in other languages like Chinese and Japanese. They also give complete information on the singer and the albums. It gives fans the option of downloading the whole album at once
  2. is also a great site where fans can download their favorite music. It however requires the fans to register as members and install the Spiral Frog’s Download Manager. One also has to log in to access the free download music regularly or renew their free membership every sixty days but the good news is its perfectly free and legal.
  3. is know mostly for offering cheap music downloads, but what most people don’t know is that they sometimes feature free download music off latest releases to allow you to sample the music before you purchase the full albums. Currently they have hundreds of tracks available to use as album-samplers which fans can take advantage of as they are 100% free and 100% legal.
  4. – Is famous for featuring new and upcoming artists. They also ask fans to rate these artists in order to give them more exposure. As a fan you will be proud to say you knew about an artist way before they become famous worldwide.
  5. I also a great site where to find free down load music. What makes it so unique it the fact that you can get re-mixes to your favorite songs which you can’t find anywhere else

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