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How To Download Mp3 Free

Published at 02/14/2012 13:51:50


The Internet has made it possible for you to download mp3 free. How can you download mp3 free? You have numerous choices, but you can download mp3 free with a program called JDownloader and go to a website called Grooveshark. What is JDownloader? JDownloader allows you to take a website link, such as one you will get on Grooveshark and download the file on that website and save it to your computer. Grooveshark is a music database that allows you to listen to millions of songs for free. Grooveshark does not allow you to download the songs, but that is why you have to download mp3 free with JDownloader. You must have an Internet connection in order to use JDownloader.

Step 1

Download JDownloader from the JDownloader website. Complete the download and installation process and then wait for JDownloader to load on your computer. JDownloader is a very complex program that many users love. You can download mp3 free and you can download movies, pictures and other thing on the Internet with this program.

Step 2

Go to Grooveshark's official website. You are going to see a blank space on the page. This is where you type in the artist and song name. You press "Enter" on your computer keyboard to search for th song you want to download mp3 free. You can preview the song y clicking on the "play" icon. Grooveshark has a built-in audio player for you to listen to the song. You have to click on the song in order to get the link for the song to download mp3 free.

Step 3

Click on the song you want to download then highlight the link in the address bar in your Internet browser. You highlight the link by single-clicking on the link in the address bar. The address bar is the place where you type in the website you want to visit. This is where the link is for the song on Grooveshark.

Step 4

Open JDownloader. JDownloader automatically detects the link on Grooveshark. If JDownloader does not automatically detect the song, you need to manually add the link yourself. Click the "Linkgrabber" tab and then click the "ADD URLS" button. URL is another name for website link. Paste the link you got from Grooveshark into the blank space in the "Add URLs" box. Click "Parse URLs" to add the URL to JDownloader. If JDownloader says there is no link found, press "OK." JDownloader will search for the song on Grooveshark. Look through the links until you see the name of the song and then delete the rest of the links. You only want the link to the song, not the other links.

Step 5

Step 5

Click "Continue with All" to download mp3 free on your computer. Since you have the default JDownloader settings, the mp3 file will appear in the "download" folder in the JDownloader folder. Go to your Start menu and then click "Computer". Go to "Program Files" and then find the JDownloader folder. Find the folder that says "download". The mp3 file is there.


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