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How to download ringtones for a cell phone

Published at 02/19/2012 06:19:15


One of the best ways to add life to your mobile phone is to download ringtones. The majority of the pre-installed ringtones in your mobile are usually boring and uninteresting. Mobile phone brands and wireless carriers are not known for providing original or interesting musical tones. If you are tired of hearing the basic ringing sounds of your cellular phone, then it is highly recommended to download a ringtone or two to provide better and more interesting sounds for your mobile phone.

One of the disadvantages of having a very common ringtone is getting mixed up with someone else’s phone. Have you ever been in public places and heard a phone ring, only to discover that half of the individuals in the area are checking to see if it is theirs? The best way to eliminate such problem is to download ringtones. Set these downloaded tones to be different from the others.

There are numerous ways to obtain unique ringtones for your mobile phone. Here are some tips that can help you find and download ringtones:

Step 1

Via Wireless Carrier

The easiest and simplest way to download ringtones for your cellular phone is through your wireless carrier provider. The rates for these tones are very affordable for various types of network subscribers. These tones are only worth a dollar or two and some of them are even given to the users for free. There are instances when these wireless carrier providers would grant prizes and rewards to their loyal subscribers by giving free ringtones.

Step 2


To download ringtones, there are several of it with superb qualities that are available from the credible websites. These web pages can be found through forums and search engine websites. Look for reviews from recent users of these websites. Seek their unbiased opinions and reviews from these users. These websites include Zedge, RingtoneSmash, mobile24, free-ringtones, iwfr and tones9. These websites also contain other mobile applications such as wallpapers, themes and games.

Step 3

The majority of these websites would share and allow their visitors to download ringtones for free. You can download as many as you can with these websites. Some websites would also limit the ringtone downloads to a certain number for every user or subscriber. There are also others that require subscriptions and fees. The prices for these subscriptions and tones are also cheaper than those sold by the wireless carriers.

Step 4

Via Bluetooth

The majority of the mobile phones nowadays are designed with Bluetooth technology. Users can share media files such as ringtones, music, images and videos through such technology. You can get a hold of some of these ringtones through the mobile phones of your friends. They can share ringtones by sending them to your phone through Bluetooth technology. The best feature about this procedure to download ringtones is that it is free with no extra charges.

Step 5

These are some of the ways to download tones for your cellular phone. These ringtones are certainly one of the best ways to improve and add to the quality and type of sounds stored in your mobile phone. Be different from other mobile phone users by applying unique sounds and tones to your mobile phone. Try to download ringtones now and customize the sounds of your mobile phone.


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