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Published at 04/02/2012 18:16:56


If you have a cool phone but you want it to be more personalized and you have no idea how to do that, the best way is to download free ringtones.

Step 1

If you phone is not that advanced and you have to go home and download free ringtones to your computer and then send them to your phone, here are the steps you will have to follow. First you will need a good Internet connection so that when you download free ringtones it will not take you forever to do it. If you already have that then have of your problem is solved.

Step 2

When you go online and search download free ringtones you should keep in mind that some of the ringtones that you find could be corrupted or certain viruses could be hidden in them. To avoid loosing all that you have on your computer it will be safe for you to have an antivirus on every time you download free ringtones.

Step 3

Another thing that you should remember when you are looking to download free ringtones is to go to the pages that actually offer free ringtones. Many of them in the beginning will say that their ringtones are for free but just when you are about to start the download they will stop you and ask you for a small amount of money. It is not very expensive but if you download more then 10 ringtones its not worth it.

Step 4

So make sure that when you want to download free ringtones you will find the websites that dont ask for money in exchange for their ringtones.

Step 5

When you find such pages, its best to search some information about those pages to see if anyone else has downloaded free ringtones and if they are satisfied with the download.

Tips and Comments

After you download free ringtones it is time for you to transfer them from your PC to your phone. This can be made with Bluetooth or if your computer and phone are not so advanced, you can do it with a USB cable. Also check to see if your phone has enough space to sore the ringtones that you want to transfer. Otherwise you might have to buy a micro SD card for your phone.

So in conclusion if you want to download free ringtones, you must have a good Internet connection so that you save precious time. After that you will need to keep your antivirus on when you download the ringtones because sometimes the ringtones might contain hidden viruses that could harm your computer. After that you will need to find only the pages that offer free ringtones because many of them at first tell you that their ringtones are free and when you want to download them, they charge you with a small fee. So keep an eye out for the pages that are safe and that are not trying to trick you. For that you can search the forums that exist online to see other peoples opinions after they have downloaded ringtones.