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Quotes From Songs

Published at 02/22/2012 23:05:23


Quotes From Songs

Has that new fabulous beat from songs released by Lady Gaga spinning in your head lately? Or the guitar’s notes are just soaring through your mind? That’s probably because you can relate so much with the quotes from songs that speak about what you feel daily. Do you have any favorite artists, composers, or mixers that inspire you? Do you feel as if your soul has been touched with their master pieces? What can you actually gain from songs, do they motivate or distress?


Quotes From Songs

What is a song? Song can be defined as the piece of music accompanied with or without voices and musical instruments. People of all age groups have some sort of favorite song or lyrics. Songs or hums have been around for ages. No one knows the exact date or time of when songs came into being or why? When you produce musical sounds with the voice, including tone and rhythm, you bring about a creation; that creation from songs soothes others. What can be greater than inspiring people or bringing them together just from songs?


Quotes From Songs

Songs can be divided into many different forms, which include, “art songs," “pop songs," and “folk songs." Everyone has their preferred genre; it can be rock, pop, metal, etc. The mentality gained from songs varies between different people. Most females like the lyrics from songs of Jesse McCartney, an example would be “Beautiful Soul” and “Right Where You Want Me." These arias bring about the feel of acceptance to the female persona. Women love the romance felt from songs, especially when it’s composed of flavorful poetry. It’s been scientifically proven that listening to melodious music actually calms the nerves and over active brain cells. Many people believe that a feeling of an impetus is gained from songs whose lyrics contain a beat or rhythm that increases their heart beat causing them a quick jerk of energy.

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There are millions of songs scattered all over the internet that can give you any sort of sensation. Most people listen to Green Day or My Chemical Romance; the cadency from songs of this genre might seem a bit grotesque; but for some it’s quite intrepid. If you are looking for some romance from songs the best album to look into would be Taylor Swift’s, her top one hit “Love Story," has swept the hearts of girls and boys alike. She even included break-up songs like “Picture to Burn” and “The Story of Us." There is always something or someone to relate to from songs with memorable quotes. They keep your day busy; always playing back your favorite line; like “Romeo save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel”; from “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Songs like this let you relax and dream about a world where fairy tales are true and miracles, and dreams turn into real life. Other songs bring about a feeling of unification between each other, such as gospel or choir songs. You can search around and even create a whole quote book straight from your favorite songs!


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