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How To Use Song Lyrics To Get a Girl


Song lyrics play a vital part in music, which is often made to express emotion. These emotions, often times, are driven by romance. In music, when a musical composition or performance is done in someone’s honor, it might be referred to as a serenade. A serenade is performed in honor of a lover and is usually done in a quiet and serene evening. What makes a serenade more heartfelt is when the effort and the work are poured into its development and its performance. There is no definite method in writing a love song just as there is no definite formula to winning someone else’s heart. But there are some guidelines that can be followed to be able to make song lyrics effectively.

Step 1

First, experience it. The most basic thing to know before doing anything that involves emotion or making music is the need to experience the emotion first hand. You cannot write a love song lyrics if you are not in love. Get to experience moments with the person. Learn the person as much as you can. In the process, allow yourself to be learned. Be genuine.

Step 2

Second, know whom you are writing for. While the whole concept of love is enough of a subject in itself, what makes a love song effective is if it is intimate. Since the song intends to woo a girl, it is important to know the person, in parts and as a whole. When in the process of courtship, a person is inspired. And it is easier to write songs about being in love because the person is currently in love. Be careful to not write song lyrics about the idea of being in love.

Step 3

Third, pick up an instrument and do the work. To become a songwriter is a difficult process in itself, but to have the drive to write songs makes it easier. Writing a love song is the same as writing any song lyrics. What sets it apart from all other songs is that it is about loving. Start with the chord progression and the melody. Then, write the lyrics. A song usually has verses, a chorus and a bridge.

Step 4

Fourth, leave your work and return later. Do not get burned out in the process of writing the song lyrics. Do not over romanticize parts because it may come out as insincere. Remember working on something over a period of time blinds the judgment. It is essential to distance yourself from your work and ask people you trust.


Play the song to the one you wrote it for and convey the song lyrics by heart. Whether you would choose to record the song or sing and play the song to her in a live performance, the key is to let the music reach her. When something made or done, in this case a song lyrics created, is made with genuine love for the craft and for whom it is intended for, it never fails to show. If it will be performed live, remember to practice. If it will be recorded, remember you can change it until the result is what you wanted it to be.

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