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Finding Lyrics New Order Songs

Published at 03/27/2012 02:20:05


Music lovers constantly search for new lyrics on the Internet. As long as you know how to use the Internet, there is nothing hard about finding the words of your favorite songs from New Order.

Step 1

In coming across new lyrics from this amazing post-punk band, you need to access the official website of New Order, which is: despite the old-fashioned design of this webpage, you are able to go through the various categories shown on the main menu. All these categories are represented by News, Band, Music, Live, Shop, Community, Multimedia and Contacts.

Step 2

Searching for new lyrics is very easy after you've entered the official New Order website. If you know which song you are looking for, you simply need to click on the Music button and you will get an entire list of all possible songs that were released by New Order over the years, including the newest ones.

Step 3

If you don't know which the new lyrics by New Order are, you simply have to visit Wikipedia and search for the Discography section. You will find that the latest album that is set to be released later this year is represented by “The Lost Sirens."


After youve found out which is the name of the latest album by New Order, you can look for the new lyrics by typing in any search engine the following words: “The Lost Sirens New Order lyrics”. This way, you will be directed to the websites which are specialized in putting up lyrics from any singers and bands.

Considering the fact that there are so many different webpages that claim to have the new lyrics for any kind of songs, its important to come across real ones instead of fake websites which have a lot of advertisements and pop-ups which often might contain viruses. So this tip involves entering only trustworthy lyric pages such as

Some of the new lyrics that are available at are represented by the lyrics of the songs Sugarcane, Hellbent, Ive Got a Feeling and I Told You So. The reason why you can't find all the new lyrics that are included in the latest album is the fact that the album hasnt been yet released. You might be wondering how come these lyrics have been made public on the Internet. some people managed to get their hands on the leaked tracks and got the lyrics that they are based on.

Using the previous tips in finding the new lyrics for the latest New Order songs will surely provide you with the best lyrics of a few of the latest melodies that have been composed by the guys in this band. If you wait just a bit longer, you will be able to look for the lyrics of all the songs featured on the fresh New Order album. Once these songs will be released, you can also enjoy the lyrics featured on various lyric websites.


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