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Got The Life is a smash hit song by the American nu metal band, Korn. This song was one of the most featured songs on the MTV2 channel and gained much success on the billboard metal charts during its release. Released in November of 1998, the song had established TRL (MTV’s show Total Request Live) history. It was the very first video to retire off of the show and has been featured and requested more than any other hit song at the time. The lyrics Got The Life had a strong meaning to the band and the lead singer Jonathan Davis stated it might be something you would hear at giant rave clubs.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics Got The Life have some strong meanings in them that are centered toward young teenagers trying to find their place in the world. “Hate, something, someway, each day, feeling ripped off again now,” is a part of the song that many younger fans of the band have stated to have felt and thought the song represented a coming of age feel. The song has also been compared to another song off of their album entitled “Freak on a Leash”, although that particular song has much more of a rap influence and many Korn fans that it didn’t like the aspect of how it didn’t’ have a strong metal sound.

A deep analysis of the song would be that is about a man finding himself with God. God expects the man to live out his own live of his own free will or the path that was chosen for him. The man is obviously against this choice in path and screams out his anger towards it. Although the members of the band have not confirmed the meaning of the song, it is most likely about this type of path. Since the song has a pumped up chime to it, the band has played it the most during their 1999 tour and the fans had started a special rave dance toward the song that matches up with its unique beat and lyrics Got the Life.


Just because of the lyrics Got The Life had settled itself with Korn’s fans and had gained attention through being on the radio and releasing two versions of the song with a special B side. The song’s composition starts off with a percussion beat, rapid guitar towards the middle and a triple guitar sound overdubbed. The song itself was known to be a unique mixture of hard heavy metal, alternative rock, nu metal, and standard rapping. The lyrics Got The Life may not be very inspiring to some people, but there is no mistake that the sound of the song gained popularity. The single peaked at number 1 on Canada Alternative 30. It also reached success on the American Alternative Billboard charts ranking in at number 17. In the UK, it reached number 23 while in Australia it hit number 26. The same became a household name and is still played on the radio even after all the years have passed when it was released.

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