How To Download Phone Ringtones
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How To Download Phone Ringtones

Published at 03/08/2012 11:01:50


How To Download Phone Ringtones

Phone ringtones are one of the most popular features that are used to personalize cell phones. With a phone ringtone, you can know who is calling you even before you answer your phone. If you have created your own phone ringtones on your computer and need to download them to your phone, you can do so within a few easy steps. The ringtones are stored on your phone's memory card or internal memory in the same location as the pre-loaded ringtones that were on your phone when you purchased it.

Step 1

Connect your cell phone to your computer with a USB cable. Most cell phones come with their own cable that is compatible with the phone. If a cable was not included with your phone, you can purchase one from an electronics store or contact your cell phone service provider to request one. The cable should be equipped with a prong to fit the USB port on your computer and one to fit the port on your phone. Ensure the cable is connected snugly so that there is not an issue with downloading phone ringtones to the phone.

Step 2

Click the Windows orb on your computer, and then click “Computer.” A separate window will open on your computer. The window will display all of the devices and drives connected to your computer. Your phone should be shown as a removable device. If it is not, check your phone's screen to ensure you are not being prompted to set it up as a charging device. If so, click “USB” to enable your phone is being recognized as a drive.

Step 3

Open the folder in which you have stored the phone ringtones. All of the ringtones should be displayed. Review the ringtones to determine which ones you want to add to your phone. The ringtones should be compatible with your phone. Most cell phones are compatible with MP3 and WAV files. Refer to the owner's manual for your cell phone to determine which phone ringtones your phone is compatible with.

Step 4

Open the folder for your phone in the “Computer” window. Double-click or open the folder which represents the ringtones that are now stored on your phone. On most phones, the folder will be labeled as “Music” or “Ringtones”.

Step 5

Drag the phone ringtones to the open folder for your cell phone. Drop the ringtones in the folder to add them to your cell phone's memory card or internal memory. When this is finished, a copy of the phone ringtones will be added to your phone's folder. As the file is loaded, a dialog window showing the progress of the download will be displayed on your computer.


Wait for the download to complete before disconnecting your phone. If you opt to disconnect your phone before the phone ringtones are fully-loaded, you may have a problem with playing the audio files on your phone.

You can delete any phone ringtones that you downloaded on your cell phone from the computer the same as the other tones on your phone. Once deleted, the ringtones cannot be retrieved.

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