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Home Trees You Should Plant

Published at 03/18/2012 23:31:10


This article aims to educate readers on which home trees to plant around one’s house. Planting trees around your home is great way to beautify your surroundings as well as to contribute to the environment. Trees are nature’s way of keeping the air clean. They also provide shade and act as excellent sound buffers. Home trees attract birds and this gives the entire place a lively feel. Planting trees around the house helps an individual to feel in harmony with his or her surroundings. However, it is not wise to plant any random tree around your house. Take into consideration the fact that trees live for many years. Thus, any home trees that you plant around your house will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Below are some factors that you must consider before planting home trees.

1) It is better to plant home trees which are indigenous. Always opt for trees which are native to your place of residence. There is more to this than just being loyal or patriotic. Indigenous trees are adapted to your local environment. They have a better chance of survival and thus prove to be an asset for the environment. Trees which are not indigenous have a slimmer chance of survival and if at all they do manage to survive, they become a liability for the eco system. For example: If you plant a palm tree in cold weather, it will wither away during the winter months. Indigenous trees also prove beneficial to the birds and animals of that particular region. This is simply because of the fact that the birds and animals are adapted to those particular trees – they can use them to derive food and for shelter. You may plant an exotic shrub or two, but try to stick to indigenous trees as far as possible.

2) Consider the size of the tree that you are planting. If you plant home trees that have fibrous roots, then make sure that these trees are located at a safe distance from your house. Otherwise the roots of these trees will eat into the foundation of your home. This might not take effect immediately, but it pays to maintain some foresight. A large tree around your house might require maintenance – its branches need to be trimmed so that they do not clash against the windows, especially when the wind blows.


3) Plant home trees which bear fruit. This will attract lots of birds and can prove to be quite interesting for bird lovers. If you have children in and around the house, then they too will get the chance to observe birds closely. The chirping sounds produced by birds act as nature’s music – they give the entire place a vibrant, joyful atmosphere.

Tips and comments

4) Planting home trees with medicinal uses will enable you to boast of your own herb garden. These types of gardens are coveted by many individuals and will lend a sense of exclusivity to your house. You may also plant flowering shrubs to make the place seem even more enchanting and special.


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