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How To Recognize Trees Diseases


Trees diseases are responsible for the great losses that the sector continues to suffer. For this reason, it is paramount to learn how to identify or recognize trees diseases. This enables planters or farmers to get the right remedies to salvage their trees. There is no question that trees play a very important part in our environment. They do not just provide the shade we need but they are also a source of livelihoods. In the recent years, more and more trees have been declining not just because they are cut down but also because they are afflicted by different diseases. The following is a step by step guide that helps you learn how to recognize diseases.

Step 1

To recognize trees diseases, you need to know your tree species very well. Through this information, you can get to know types of diseases that are common or prevalent for that particular type of tree. For example, chestnut trees usually go down with common diseases the leading being chestnut blight. This is a fungal infection that can be treated to rescue the tree.

Step 2

When you know your trees name and species, consider your location as well. Trees diseases owning to varied factors will affect certain trees in certain locations differently. For example, very cold or very high temperatures will breed different kinds of trees diseases. Therefore, learn to identify the location and look at associated maladies that affect trees.

Step 3

Trees disease can be recognized very well by looking at the symptoms. Just like human beings, trees will have various signs that show you that they are not well. Some diseases are characterized by drying of the leaves, rotting as well as the forming of substances that often come in different colours. Fungal diseases usually present with formations of brown or black patches.

Step 4

To recognize trees diseases, you can rule out different causes. The use of information in diseases will determine how well you are able to identify them. Get resources online or from books and research on various characteristics. Through the process of ruling out, you can be in a position to recognize the ailments. This is a great way to learn and get even additional informataion that can help you know how to del with trees even better.

Step 5

One can recognize trees diseases by undertaking tests. For example, some bacterial trees diseases produce a lot saps. This liquid is usually alcoholic in nature and a quick test can reveal that the disease is indeed bacterial. One example of such a disease is bacterial Wetwood. Consult other people or experts to recognize the diseases in trees as well.


Trees diseases are caused by various things. Therefore, it is wise to take time and follow steps above to really get to the heart of the matter. When you know what is ailing a tree, you are able to provide an intervention before it dies off. This will go a long way to avoid major losses like those being experienced in the industry. Prior knowledge is definitely the basis to saving a tree. Some diseases are hard to treat but preventing futures occurrences is also good enough.

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