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Great Advice For Home Yard

Published at 03/14/2012 20:22:58


Great garden ideas may come out from many thoughts. You may have love for beautiful flowers, shrubs or landscape or rock garden may be your ultimate object. There are many trees home owners love to plant in their home yard. Some of them are well known flowering trees home owners always love by names, but there are many left unknown, but there are beautiful trees suitable for almost every home yard irrespective of weather condition. Before you dig into the details of the trees home garden should be decorated with, you must understand the types and varieties of plants suitable for your home yard.

Step 1

How to choose right trees for your home yard: Here are few tips to select the right type of trees that aim to match home yard criterion. The following step by step guide will help to select the ideal and most beautiful trees home owners will love to have in their yard:

  • Plant Type - Climber, Bulbous, Annual, Perennial, Indoor Plant, Shrub, Pond, Tree, Edible, Evergreen or Deciduous Climber Plant.
  • Flower color: Black, Blue, Violet, Grey, Red, Yellow, Rose, Purple, Pink, Mauve, Magenta, Mixed, etc.
  • Foliage Color: Golden, Black, Bronze, Light Green, Grey, etc.
  • Features: Dramatic or Aromatic Foliage, Colorful bark, Cones, Flowers, fruits, etc.
  • Sun Exposure: Partial, Shade, Full Sun.
  • Types of soil: Acid, Sandy, Dry, Moist, Clay/ heavy, Chalky alkaline, well drained/ light drained.
  • Hardiness: Hardy, Tender, Half Hardy.
  • Your Skill as a gardener: Expert, Beginner or Experienced.

The above checklist will help immensely to identify the correct trees home owners will feel proud to have in their home yard.

The success of choosing a plant depends on its matching with the environment of your yard. The plant you select for your home yard must withstand the soil condition and climate zone. The exposure to sun and its temperature must be one of the determining factors. Select plant as per its tolerance level on the existing condition.

Few Colorful Trees
Here are few names of colorful trees famous for their autumn colors.
• “Osakazuki”- Acer palmatum, is perhaps the best among Japanese maple with its orange red color.
• Sango- Kaku or Senkaki- Acer palmatum is famous for yellow foliage.
• Snowy mespilus or Amelanchier Lamarckii is a tough beautiful tree.
• Chanticleer - Pyrus calleryana are upright narrow column trees home garden gets glorified when they blossom in spring.

Few Trees with Round the Year Appeal
Here are few names of colorful trees famous for their round the year appeal:
• Acer Griseum for superb autumn color, great shape, and gingerly bark shows great in winter.
• Siberian pea tree or Caragana Arborescens can withstand every condition and climate is beautiful with its ladder like canopy shaped leaves.
• Judas tree or Cercis Siliquastrum looks great pink pea flowers that grow straight from the trunk and branches before the leaves in heart shape appear, Red Pods comes at the last stage.
• Japanese angelica tree or Aralia elata ‘Variegata’ is a large shrub tree with lovely variegated foliage in autumn.


Few Names for Your Front Garden
Here are few names of colorful trees home owners will be proud to have for own front yard:
• Chinese red birch or Betula Albosinensis blooms with cinnamon and pink peeling bark.
• Mount Etna broom or Genista Aetnensis a wide, weeping tree without leaves but have beautiful bright green twigs.
• Magnolia Xloebneri are superb small trees with abundant light pink flowers that start blooming in mid spring.
• Honey Locust or Gleditsia triacanthos have beautiful ferny light foliage with different varieties of colored leaves, such as, “Sunburst” or golden, ‘Ruby Lace’ or mahogany-red. They grow well in pots as well.


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